Information for international partners and database of Higher Education Institutions at Ukrainian State Center for International Education within Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

Key recommendations for preparation of the project proposals and ideas/challenges for new projects (NEO Ukraine and other Partner Countries):

Documents on Developments in Higher Education System of Ukraine:

- Association Agreement:

- Strategy of Reforms 2020: Useful portal for Strategy documents:

- Education Development Strategy (under development - working groups)

- Strategy on Higher Education Reform (under development - working groups)

- Law on Higher Education of Ukraine (2014) in Ukrainian language: (Translation into English "Law on Higher Education of Ukraine" (2014): Law_Higher Education_Ukraine_EN_2014)

- Draft Law on Amendments to Budget Code in implementation of Law on Higher Education was registered by the Parliament's Committee on Education and Science (under consideration)
- In line with new Law on Higher Education the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should establish the Independent National Quality Assurance Agency by September 2015

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