Purpose, objectives and scope of the work of the National Teams

The purpose of the National Team of Higher Education Reform Experts is to provide a pool of expertise in order to promote reforms and enhance progress in Higher Education in Ukraine and therefore participate in the development of policies and reforms in Higher Education in Ukraine.
The mission of the HEREs is threefold:
- support policy development in their respective countries by supporting modernisation reform processes and strategies in Higher Education, in close contact with the local authorities concerned and in particular as regards for instance curriculum development, modernisation of governance, management and functioning of higher education systems and institutions,
strengthening relations between the higher education sector and the wider societal and economic environment, etc.
- support policy dialogue with the EU in the field of Higher Education possibly in synergy and coordination with the various policy platforms established under the Erasmus+ programme or other potential initiatives established by, and under the guidance of, the European Commission.
- support Erasmus+ and former EU programmes projects by disseminating their results and outcomes, notably best practices and innovative initiatives and exploiting them for modernisation and development purposes.

HERE team (2017-2018) with contacts:

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Activities according to HERE Terms of Reference:

In order to fulfil their mission national teams of HEREs will perform activities at national and international level, targeting primarily:
 - all Erasmus+ and on-going Tempus beneficiaries as well as potential Erasmus+ beneficiaries in the country (i.e. higher education institutions and individuals; civil society; non-governmental organisations; enterprises, professional organisations, research institutions, vocational training institutions; etc.) and any other stakeholder in the field of higher education;
 - National authorities in charge of higher education and their affiliate bodies.

Draft plan of HERE activities for 2018

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