Activities according to HERE Terms of Reference:

In order to fulfil their mission national teams of HEREs will perform activities at national and international level, targeting primarily:
 - all Erasmus+ and on-going Tempus beneficiaries as well as potential Erasmus+ beneficiaries in the country (i.e. higher education institutions and individuals; civil society; non-governmental organisations; enterprises, professional organisations, research institutions, vocational training institutions; etc.) and any other stakeholder in the field of higher education.
 - National authorities in charge of higher education and their affiliate bodies.

1. Activities at international level
Activities at international level will be organised by an external service provider, under the supervision of the European Commission and the Executive Agency, and will correspond to the following types:
a) Thematic seminars designed to meet specific needs common in various Partner Countries. The aim of the thematic seminars is to provide new knowledge and practical experience. They may include field visits at higher education institutions or other relevant stakeholders. They will also provide a platform for questions, discussion and exchange of practices on specific topics and processes.
b) Study visits that will take place in prominent EU or Partner Country universities, focusing on specific topics and fields of interest, common to various Partner Countries. Such visits will provide an opportunity to meet with academic and nonacademic staff directly responsible for the introduction and the implementation of specific reforms or policies in the field of Higher Education. The visits will include meetings with several types of stakeholders as well as presentations, question & answer sessions and debates.
c) International large-scale conferences including key note speeches by prominent experts and specific workshops dedicated to the attention of the HERE teams of all Partner Countries. Such conferences will deal with themes and topics connected to the core issues of the modernisation of the higher education sector in fields such as governance, management, funding, curriculum development and lifelong learning.
d) Technical assistance missions. Specific technical expertise and advice by EU or Partner Country experts will be provided locally to HERE teams to carry out training and consultancy activities in the Partner Countries, targeted at a wide audience of university staff, officials and other higher education stakeholders. The service provider will identify relevant experts, who can be entrusted with such short term missions. These technical assistance activities will be organised upon specific request from the HERE teams, channelled by the NEOs.
e) Surveys / publications: HEREs may be involved in the preparation of surveys or publications commissioned by the European Commission or EACEA in relation to the Higher Education sector, its institutions, policies, reforms and modernisation process.
f) Virtual expert community and material: HEREs will be provided with a web platform to communicate, liaise and exchange. This includes the provision of information materials, brochures and case studies.
The support services required for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the international HERE activities will be provided by the European Commission and EACEA with the support of an external provider.
2. Activities at national level
In addition to the international activities referred to under 1 a above, HERE teams will have to perform counselling and advisory activities at national level and more concretely:
a) At institutional level, HEREs' work will consist in counselling, advising and providing assistance to higher education institutions with regards to the introduction and implementation of reforms.
Higher Education Reform Experts should be actively involved in all kinds of promotional and awareness-raising activities about HE reforms in general and EU higher education programmes and initiatives in particular. Experts with specialist knowledge and experience may be recruited for the development and delivery of training activities for HEREs in those areas.
b) At national level, HEREs will support national authorities in designing, implementing and monitoring policy reforms in the field of HE. Overall, this could include the following types of activities:
- Advice and expertise;
- Involvement in policy making process, preparation of national reports, codes, draft laws & decrees;
- Organising or participating in seminars, workshops, roundtables (teaching, training, informing, disseminating);
- Lecturing, participation in panel discussions and debates;
- Interviews (radio, TV, newspaper, specialized press), public appearances;
- Drafting of reports, analysis, studies;
- Publication of papers on the HE reform processes in the Partner Country

SPHERE Portal to support HERE team activities:

HEIs are invited to cooperation with the team for consultations, active participation in national&local events etc.

Materials, publications, presetnations, reports of HERE team for 2009-2014 at link:

Title: Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts Seminar “Joint Programmes and degrees: strategy, management, implementation”
Date: 17-18 March 2016
Location: University of Novi Sad (Novi Sad, Serbia)

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Event title: Seminar for HERE “Learning outcomes and student-centered learning”
Period: April, 17-19, 2016
Host: University of Tallinn (TLU)

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13-14 June, 2017. HERE Seminar Universities and social engagement, University of Nicosia.
Participants from Ukraine:
1. Olena Kozievskaya, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Committee for Science and Education, HERE team member
2. Irina Sikorskaya, International Relations Office Director, Donetsk State University of Management, Mariupol, HERE team member
3. Petro Krainik, National Erasmus+ Office, Ukraine, Project Manager
Agenda, presentations and useful materials are available at:


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Dates: May 30-31, 2017
Venue: University of Milan / Università degli Studi di Milano (Milan, Italy)
Participants from Ukraine:
1. Volodymyr Lugovyy, First Vice-President, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine; HERE.
2. Mychailo Wynnyckyj, Associate Professor, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”; Advisor to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine; HERE.

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Date: April 5-6, 2017

Location: Narxoz University (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Participants from Ukraine:
1. Maryna Mruga, Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, Testing Board affiliated with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, HERE team member
2. Kateryna Zhdanova, National Erasmus+ Office
3. Yeseniya Makarenko, Sumy State University

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