Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank

Location: Minsk, Belarus
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BELARUSIAN STATE PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER MAXIM TANK (BSPU) – is one of the oldest universities in our country. Thanks to the traditions it combines academism, openness and innovations. The university has gained a good reputation and has become a leader in the field of teacher training for 100 years of its glorious and rich history. Outstanding scientists and teachers, famous scientific schools and centers, a high standard of professional and interpersonal ethics, the continuity of traditions and the possibility to transfer rich pedagogical and life experience to the younger generations - all this is BSPU nowadays. Our University is always ready to share experience and to adopt innovation, that’s why we are open to fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation on the field of education. BSPU is a member of the Eurasian universities association. This fact shows that the professional training is maintained on a very high level and it confirms that our university can integrate into the international community.

Our teachers and professors apply a creative and an innovative approach to their work, they try to develop individual abilities of every student. Our main aim is to train a specialist of a new formation, an active, an open-minded and a self-confident person. We do our best to give our students an education which can meet the best standards. At the university a classical approach that combines fundamentality, practice and the pedagogical focus is applied. We take into consideration the current global trends in higher education in order to choose a development model with the students as the future intellectual elite of Belarus in its center. We are proud of the past and the present of our university, we cherish its honor and reputation. The BSPU today:

  • comprises 10 faculties including faculty for pre-university education, offering high-quality training in 64 specialties and 2 Institute (Psychology and Inclusive Education);
  • trains over 15 000 students in advanced BA, MA, PhD, and post-doctoral programs, among them more than 725 international students from 22 countries;
  • includes Institute for Further and Advanced Training, Center for Education Development, Center for ICT Development;
  • runs 8 international centers, including Center for Chinese Language and Culture;
  • numbers over 1000 highly qualified lecturers and scientists involved in teaching and research activities;
  • has 35 student research laboratories dealing with innovations, pedagogical technologies transfer, and cooperating with educational institutions on all levels;
  • supports 34 sports teams, 10 sports clubs, swimming pool and a stadium;
  • provides students with a possibility of obtaining an additional education;
  • has 8 comfortable dormitories in the center of Minsk.

Furthermore, BSPU provides various facilities for the students' personal growth and recreation: cultural centers, libraries, student clubs, health and recreation centers, students` television etc. According to the long-standing traditions, the BSPU combines classical university traditions with modern pedagogical approaches, the high level of the ethics for professional and interpersonal relations, continuity of traditions and potential for transfer of the rich research, pedagogical and life experience to new generations. In the structure of the University includes the Institute of training and retraining. The Institute of training and retraining realizes training for leading employees and specialists of education by 80 educational programs and retraining by 15 specialties such as Management in the educational sphere, Integrated education etc. The Institute of training and retraining organizes placement as well as exams to acknowledgment and appropriation higher qualification grade for teaching employees

Previous international experience:

BELARUSIAN STATE PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER MAXIM TANK (BSPU) - is a member of a number of international organizations, such as Eurasian Association of Universities, Baltic Sea Region Universities Network, Association of Rectors of Pedagogical Universities in Europe, International Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers, Alliance of Universities of "The Belt & Road" and the promoter of the Association «Education for Sustainable Development». Our faculty and staff are members of steering committees and national representatives in various international organizations such as, for instance, the International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI). The University has bilateral agreements for cooperation in research and education with 98 universities from 22 countries. BSPU takes part in numerous international research and educational projects externally funded.

BSPU is the organizer and participant of many international conferences, seminars, round tables. So, for the last six months in state pedagogical University took place an international seminar «Interdisciplinary integration as a condition for improving the quality of higher education. The relationship of interdisciplinary and competence-based approaches», which was attended by over 100 experts in this field from countries near and far abroad; the international conference «Education for sustainable development for all generations – social contract», «Cognitive studies: cognitive paradigm in interdisciplinary studies», «Health of student's youth: advances in the theory and practice of physical culture, sport and tourism at the present stage», «Language and intercultural communication», which take prominent foreign scholars and practitioners. One of the important directions of the international activity of University is the academic mobility of students and faculty. During the 2015 years, the participation in international conferences took 357 faculty; the teachers and students of BSPU made 20 foreign lecturers, including those from Italy, France, Ukraine and Russia. In BSPU trained citizens of Spain, Iraq, Bulgaria, Lithuania, the Russian Federation, etc


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