Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University (Bila Tserkva)

Location: Bila Tsrerkwa, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: Management And AdministrationLawNatural SciencesAgricultural Science And FoodVeterinary Medicine

The Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University is a powerful regional research and education centre with the history dating back to 1630.10 faculties of the University offer education in agronomy, veterinary medicine, bio-technology, ecology, law, linguistics, post diploma training, preparatory courses and extension courses.The University hosts 5 research institutes, 13 research laboratories, Institute of post diploma education for managers and specialists in veterinary medicine, Institute of European Integration, Education and Research Institute of Economics and Business, 8 colleges, research establishments and production enterprises.The total number of students is more than 10000. The teaching staff consists of 12 academicians, 54 doctors of sciences, professors, 257 candidates of sciences, 13 Honoured Scientists of Ukraine.The material facilities consist of 10 buildings, modern equipment, information centre, library (550000 books) with 3 subdivisions and 4 reading halls. In the modern resource centres the students and teachers have access to Internet and international information system AGRIS.There are 9 student hostels, 4 canteens, 4 cafeterias.The University has its own printing unit for production of textbooks, manuals, monographs, periodicals.The University researchers work on development of highly efficient production technologies for cereals, fodder crops, potatoes. They draft and produce preparations for animal diseases prevention and treatment, and work on problems of animal reproduction. Our scientists took part in elaboration of the Land Code of Ukraine, the projects of profitable use of land resources and other laws of Ukraine.The University maintains its cultural traditions. There are up to 20 amateur groups.The sports take an important place in the students’ life. Our students are the prize winners of the XXVI Olympic Games, World and Europe champions in sambo, judo, high jump, and cycle racing.The practical training of the students needs also to be improved. For education of highly qualified professionals, an education and production centre is created on the basis of the Education and Research Centre. The total area of the Centre is 1716,9 ha, including arable land – 1123,5 ha, hayfields – 12,1 ha, pastures – 85,2 ha, perennial plantings – 74,9 ha, forests – 270,5 ha. The centre has become a training ground for students and for implementation of innovative technologies in crops production and animal husbandry. The University’s has 29 priority directions for international scientific cooperation, which will be realized via the programs like: EU FP7, TEMPUS, Fulbright, NASEE (aquaculture centres of Central and Eastern Europe), Interstate research program of veterinary parasitology for 2006-2012, individual mobility grants and programs.

Main fields of activities:

Higher education and research for Agriculture.


·Forestry and horticulture

·Veterinary Medicine

·Technology of production and livestock product processing

·Food Technology and Engineering

·Ecology, environmental protection and balanced management of the environment

·Hydrological and aquaculture bio-resources

·Finance and credit

·Accounting and audit

·Business economics




Information about the intended project:

КA.1. Learning Mobility. KA.2.Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practices.

Project proposal / description

КA.1. Learning Mobility. KA.2.Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practices.

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Tetyana Sokolska, Doctor in Economics, Associate professor of Management and Public Administration Chair, Deputy -Dean on International Activities of Economics Department of Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University.; mobile: 0671436866