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Erasmus+ International cooperation Activity (higher education sector) – type of the project idea

Discipline / Academic field Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Architecture, Civil engineering
3 years
Partner Search
The main objective is to create the conditions necessary for the formation of high-quality learning process, based on the modernization and quality of sustainable development.
Sub goals:
- to promote the quality of architecture, restoration and construction, supporting the development of standards;
- harmoniously combine natural assets, cultural heritage and contemporary architecture in high-quality spatial development;
- to improve the quality of education in the specialities of Construction, Architecture and Restoration as well as to support the research in these areas;
- to increase public awareness of the responsibility of residential and public environment in promoting architecture and promoting public participation;
- to promote the preservation of tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage assets (material groups – wood, metal, artificial an natural stone, paper);
- to promote Latvian architectural visibility and competitiveness at international level.

Riga Building college certifies that its international collaboration strategy will participate in and promote the modernization of higher education and internationalization. Work is being done at the college brand awareness and openness to international area. In order to raise the quality of higher education, giving the necessary researchers and graduates, and to strengthen the capacity of Riga Building college, the institution plans to develop new programs: Building Restoration/conservation; Road Construction; Technology of Building Engineering.
Expected results are going to improve:
- competitiveness of graduates in the labour market;
- education methodology and quality;
- quality of preservation and maintenance of Cultural Heritage.
We are searching for:
Types of institutions Educational and/or research establishments
Theoretical and/or practical training of constructors, architects and restorers of Cultural Heritage.
Other relevant information
RBC has previous experience with Erasmus projects.

Ondokuz Mayis University is a modern local state university founded in 1975 and situated in the Black Sea region. The university has schools in the City of Samsun and 7 other counties. The main campus is located in Samsun, a coastal and harbour city situated on the border of the Black Sea in the North of Turkey.

It is situated in a land of 10,000 acres with a view of the Black Sea on the one side and a view of the nationally famous Kocadag Mountain on the other side, which is well known for its national yearly walks.

The University's first and largest faculty, the Faculty of Medicine, is also a university hospital. Similarly, the Faculty of Dentistry is a Dental Hospital. Serving the inhabitants of the entire Black Sea region, both faculties provide treatment in all areas of health and dental care. Our Faculty of Veterinary Medicine also has an animal hospital again serving the local and regional patients.

Ondokuz Mayis gives great importance to science, education and research and takes place amongst the significant and large universities of Turkey. The University also aims to satisfy all the needs of a student in terms of professional training and other social needs; such as accommodation, health service, nutrition, cultural, social and sport activities etc.

The university has 16 faculties, 3 schools (first cycle), 11 vocational schools (short cycle), 5 graduate schools, 22 research centres, 6 educational centres including a children's hospital and one conservatoire. It has approximately 46,225 students (including postgraduate and distance learning students), 2051 academic staff and 1,559 administrative staff members. For an advanced list of our courses please see attached lists of studies.

For more information about Samsun and Ondokuz Mayis University, please visit our websites:

As for our language of instruction, it is in Turkish. However, the university dooes have three departments offered in English, they are, the Department of English Medicine, the Department of International Trade and Logistics and the Department of English Language Teaching. As for the incoming exchange students, we have a special arrangement for incoming Erasmus students. We offer their courses partly in English and allow the students to prepare their homework in English. We also arrange the examinations in English so they will have no problem with their studies, training or communicating with their instructors. Furthermore, please find attached a list of our courses offered in English.

As for general information about our university and city and on the point of attracting your students from Croatia, Ondokuz Mayis is one of the most beautiful campuses in Turkey. On the one side we have a brilliant view of the Black Sea and on the other side we have a magnificent view of the Kocadag Mountains which is only 5 kms walking distance from the university. It has one of the longest and widest beachside in Turkey with very fine golden sand. Samsun also has a very mild climate and l can say that the coldest it can get in Winter is 3ºC during the day. It has a lot of sunshine and it is possible to go for a swim in the beach even in winter. If your students are interested in fishing, again Samsun is a perfect place for them. Furthermore, our university has a large incoming student capacity. We have many privileges to offer them on our campus like good accommodation, an Olympic swimming pool, a fitness centre and many more sport facilities (we even have a climbing wall). We also have a planetarium and observation house. There is so much to write about Samsun and OMU but l think the best thing is to invite you here at any time of your convenience. It would be a honour to host you and your colleagues here.

If you are interested in cooperating with us in any of the attached listed areas please feel free to use the attached draft Erasmus+ agreement to include cooperation in any of our mutual areas of study. If you have any queries please do write to me.

Looking forward to cooperating with you and hearing from you soon on this matter, l remain,

Yours faithfully,

Emine Bol Yazici (Mrs)
Erasmus Institutional Coordinator / Office Manager
International Relations Office
Ondokuz Mayis University
55200 Atakum-Samsun
Tel: +90-362-3121919 (Ext.7222)
Fax: +90-362-4576091
E-mails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.