(Colleges, Technical schools**, Vocational schools**)


(Universities, Academies, Institutes)

Total HEIs

652 (1,522 mln students)

370 (0,200 mln students)

282 (1,322 mln students)

Public HEI

529 (1,393 mln students)

320 (0,178 mln students)

209 (1,215 mln students)

Private HEI

123 (0,129 mln students)

50 (0,022 mln students)

73 (0,107 mln students)

127 034  Universities’ and 25 943 Colleges’ academic staff

17 relocated HEIs from Lugansk and Donetsk Oblast to the territory under control of the national authorities

*Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine http://www.ukrstat.gov.ua

**Technical schools, Vocational schoolsVET institutions that offer Junior Specialist study programmes in frame of the higher education system until 2019; after 2019, a new system of education and qualifications will operate (download file with info and table with system description here).

National Qualifications Framework – the NQF with 11 levels of qualifications was approved by the Law of Education (2017), and the Ministry developed renovated NQF for submission to Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine in 2019; until 2017 the NQF included 10 levels of qualifications (based on EQF LLL) – was approved by the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine (2011).

The Law of Higher Education (2014) is compatible with the Bologna Process (3-cycle HE, ECTS, DS, ESG, NQF implementation).

NQAA began activity in 2019 (https://en.naqa.gov.ua). The Cabinet approved NQAA’ members list (December 2018) (https://www.kmu.gov.ua/ua/npas/pro-zatverdzhennya-skladu-nacionalnogo-agentstva-iz-zabezpechennya-yakosti-vishchoyi-osviti).

HERE team member – Iryna ZOLOTARIOVA is selected NQAA member.

Ex-Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Sergiy KVIT is the NQAA Chairman elected by the NQAA members (December 2018).

HERE team member – Mychailo WYNNYCKYJ was appointed on position of the Head of the NQAA’ Secretariat – executive body (February 2019).

Accreditation of study programmes (curricula) is provided by the NQAA from September 2019 (according to the Law of Education (2017); before 2019 accreditation was provided by the Accreditation Commission (advisory body) established by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine according to the existing procedure).


The Law with amendments to the Law of Higher Education and Law of Education concerning improvement of educational process in higher education (adopted by the Parliament and signed by the President of Ukraine on January 13, 2020) are compatible with the Bologna Process in general and includes the following key provisions:

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