#ErasmusGeneration 2023 (January-December 2023)

During 2023, the National Erasmus+ office in Ukraine fruitfully cooperated with key youth stakeholders in order to promote the opportunities of the EUs Erasmus+ Program, to attract newcomers, as well as to draw the attention of European colleagues to the relevance of the youth sphere at the time of martial law in Ukraine.

The key partners were: Erasmus Student Network Ukraine, Young European Ambassadors, Ukrainian Association of Students and the Ukrainian Association of Youth Councils and others.

The main activity of the partner teams was aimed at cooperation in order to conduct joint promotional campaigns and events for youth, youth workers and youth organizations from all regions of Ukraine, in particular, strengthening the annual #ErasmusDays and #EuropeDays in Ukraine. Including a wide network of contact points in many cities, key partners also actively promoted NEO events and acted as speakers at events, presenting their own experience and success stories.

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