National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

Location: Dnipropetrovsk , Ukraine
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Main fields of activities:

The Academy, though retaining the name "Metallurgical", in fact is a technical university with about 50 Degree Programs in engineering, economics and social sciences ( Our numerous graduates are employed at the majority of the metallurgical and machine-building enterprises of Ukraine at NIS, and also in other business sectors – banks, corporations, plants, SME-s. At the "University-University" level our Academy is looking for cooperation with EU and world-wide partners in different spheres. There is a big economic department in our Academy and, in particular, we are interested in introducing the international standards in economics /business education to our curriculum. We have wide experience of cooperation with European and world-wide partners, including participation in TEMPUS programs.
Now we work on a new project and are looking for foreign partners that could participate in it.

Information about the intended project:

The Ukrainian financial and stock markets are very different from the European ones. On the other hand the studying of the ways of development and state of the art of European stock and financial market may be very useful for Ukrainians.
More than five years ago we have created a students' financial (investor's) club at our university. Our services:
• Investment joint education programs with Ukrainian Stock Exchange (,
• Seminars and round-table discussions in co-operation with brokers and investing companies.
The main form of our activity is the organization of special seminars and teaching a short course for beginners "The ABC of stock market and on-line trading". You can see the samples of this activity (photos and text in English) on We cooperate with Ukrainian Stock Exchange and with the professional participants of Ukrainian stock market (brokers and investment companies and others).
Now we are looking for foreign partners to create new Joint Short Program with focus on the comparative study of the stock and financial markets.
Title of the project (working version):
Development of the Joint Short Program for Lifelong Learning : "The ABC of the European stock and financial markets"

Project proposal / description

Objectives (goals) of the project :
• the implementation in Ukraine of the European experience in the sphere of the the financial literacy and financial markets study.
• to help students to evaluate and compare the state of a stock and financial markets and the state of the art of these markets in different European countries;
• to analyze and compare the possibilities of investors in stock and financial markets of different European countries.
The long-term goal:
• to strengthen the financial literacy in Ukraine.

The main target groups and persons, who may be interested in cooperation as partners:
• University staff (may become Students' financial club supervisors);
Students (members of Investors' Clubs);
• Investors' Clubs or private investors' associations;
• Independent stock market Researchers and Analysis groups;
• Professional stock and financial markets participants.

• The joint development of the curricula and study materials for the program;
• Web site development;
• Textbooks preparing;
• Organization of special seminars and teaching a short program with E-learning tools;
• Academic mobility in Ukraine and Europe;
• Dissemination of experience at Ukrainian HEIs.

Any useful form of cooperation will be accepted.

Expected outcomes:
• Joint Short Program (or intensive course) : "The ABC of the European stock and financial markets" for graduate, post graduate students and Lifelong Learning ;
• Risk management methods for private investors in Ukraine;
• Regional Centre for comparative studying of the European Stock and financial markets and assessment of the perspectives for private investors.

Previous international experience:

• 2014 - project TEMPUS "Promoting Internationalization of HEIs in Eastern Neighborhood Countries through Cultural and Structural Adaptations (PICASA) " (Great Britain,Italy,Belgium,Armenian, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine)
• 2013 - project TEMPUS 530158-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-SE-TEMPUS-SMHES, «Support of innovations through improvement of regulatory framework for higher education in Ukraine (SpinOff)» (Great Britain,Poland,Portugal,Sweden,Ukraine),
• 2010-2011 - project TEMPUS "Boosting the knowledge triangle by establishing Innovation Offices in Ukrainian higher education institutions (Uni4inno)" (Spain,Italy,Sweden,Ukraine),
• 2007-2009 - project TEMPUS "Career & Employability Centre
New service for graduates (CARE)" (France, Belgium, Sweden, Ukraine),
• 2006-2007 - the program "Training in library and language skills for more effective engineering information processing" (ENGINEERING INFORMATION FOUNDATION, USA),


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Senior Lecturer of Economics and Finance,
IRO Senior officer,
Student Financial Club supervisor.,
National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
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