Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy

Location: Cherkasy, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: EducationCulture And ArtsHumanitiesSocial And Behavioural SciencesJournalismLawBiologyNatural SciencesInformation And Communication Technologies (Icts)HealthSocial Work

Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy is a classical higher educational establishment of European level, an educational and research facility, one of the country’s centres of education, science, culture and spirituality.

Structurally Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy is:

- 8 Education and Research Institutes

  • of Economics and Law,
  • of Foreign Languages,
  • of History and Philosophy,
  • of Pedagogical Education, Social Work and Art,
  • of the Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications,
  • of Physics, Mathematics, and Computing and Information Systems,
  • of Natural Sciences,
  • of Physical Education, Sports, and Health,

- and 2 Faculties

  • of Computer Science, Intelligent and Control Systems,
  • of Psychology
Main fields of activities:

Under the University umbrella there are 15 scientific schools, 5 of which have an international recognition:

Solid State Physics and Nanotechnologies - led by prof. Andrii Gusak.;

Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Electronics: head - prof. Boris Minaev;

Onomasiology - prof. Olena Selivanova;

Cognitive Linguistics - prof. Svetlana Zhabotynska;

Physiology of Neurodynamic Functions of the Brain - prof. Volodymyr Lyzogub;

Information about the intended project:

Cherkasy National University is looking for partners for cooperation in the suggested fileds of activities.

At present of great interest are projects connected with European studies, especially in areas of tourism promotion and development, perservance of biodiversity, environmental protection, rational nature management, linguistic and cognititve aspects in social studies.

International Mobility of Individuals (Students and Staff) and Joint Master Degrees.

We are open for participation as asociative partners as well.

Previous international experience:

International projects in 2014-2016:

1.The Democratization of Governance in Ukraine in 2015-2017 (headed by University of Alberta, Canada), the participant of the project - Prof. S.A. Zhabotynska

2.Perception of the European Union by Ukraine and Israel/Palestine (New Zealand/Israel Project sponsored by the EU)

3.Jean Monnet Project “Eastern Partnership of the Civil Society in the Dialogue: Mutual Perception of Eastern Partnership Countries, Russia and the EU” headed by Institute of Politics at Damstadt Technological University

4.The PRC President grant for the research in the laboratory of plastic materials at the Institute of Chemistry, Beijing (prof. Minaiev B.P.)

5. European Grant “EXMONAN”, development and applying a new method of modelling of diffusion-controlled phase transformations (Prof. Husak A.M. from 2015)

6.Polish Grant “MAESTRO”, development of a mutual deffusion model in two-phase zones of ternary systems (Prof. Husak A.M. from 2014).

7.Grant of IBB Dortmund “Perspectives of a Trans-European 'Culture of Remembrance’;

8.Ukraine/Poland Project “Innovation University and Leadership”;

9.Joint Studies within Ukraine/Germany BMBF Project with institute of Physics of Materials ;

10.Grant for studying at the Fojo Institute of Media of Linnéuniversitetet for for the Department of Journalism, Publicity and PR-technologies ;

11.Participation in the programme “Social Responsibility of Eastern Europe Seniors and their Role in Social Life” (Linnaeus University, Sweden);

12.Internship on the Island of Rhodes - Hispitality Business (Erasmus Internship Programme);

13.Student Exchange Project in Germany “MidOst”;

14.Joint Degree Programme for Social Work students (Poland) and other programmes;


Address:81 Shevchenko Blvd., c. Cherkasy, 18031, Ukraine

Telephone: +38(0472) 37-13-14, 37-21-42, 37-41-62

Viktor Velivchenko, Ph. D in Linguistics,
Director of the Centre of International Relations at Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University