Institute for Social and Political Psychology of National Academy of Educational Scienses

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: EducationSocial And Behavioural SciencesHealthSocial Work

The institute was founded in 1996, now it consist of 9 laboratories with 80 researchers (social psychology of personality, mass and community psychology, group psychology, media psychology, psychotechnology and others), it has PhD school in psychology and its own net of respondents which come from all regions of Ukraine. The institute has a good material base and is equipped for research about public opinions in Ukraine. The results of the research are being used by governmental organisations. Researchers of the Institute provided and keep providing help and psychological support to the population, to those who took part on the Revolution of Dignity(2013-2014), asylum seekers, refugees, sufferers and militants from ATO zone. At the Institute in 2014 The Social-Psychological Rehabilitation Centre was created. The Centre is involved in scientific and practical seminars and trainings targeted at different categories of people. Overall more than 100 events were created by volunteers and it took near 480 hours.The Centre participates in supporting schools in the area of ATO zone. There are constantly working groups for supporting volunteers.

Main fields of activities:

Main fields of activities are reserch in psychology and social work, conduction of All-Ukrainian surweys, medialiteracy education, PhD school in psychology, organisation of psychoeducational events, working groups for supporting volunteers.

Information about the intended project:

The most important events which also had the highest rate of participation were workshops: "Working with trauma: Poland – Ukraine - Russia" in May 2014, the seminar for psychologists, sociologists and social workers, who are involved in work with children of refugees and children who became victims of war conflicts (seminar "Art-therapy For Children and Teenagers", September 2014). Another important event was training "Psychological and Valeological Skills of Social Competency in a Violent and Aggressive Work Environment (basics of professional survival and help), 2014.

Project proposal / description

The Institute is looking for partners for cooperation in the suggested fileds of activities. At present of great interest are projects connected with European studies, especially in areas of medialiteracy and media education programm development at high and secondary schools, children security at informational media space; system activity for providing community help and psychological support to the population of asylum seekers, refugees, sufferers and militants from ATO zone; conflict resolving and stop-bulling programm for schools after the war connected trauma.

The Institute can provide the nationwide representative survey for avaluation of the efficiancy of the social projects and dissemination initiative in wide social political health and educational spheres.

Previous international experience:

Quantitative evaluation of parents’ opinion of children of all ages for basing the decision about the creation of a National system of graphical symbols for marking television content (2012) - founded by The Council of Europe nationwide representative survey of the parents who have children of different age groups about watching TVa need for new warning labels system.

Trainers and Encoders training program for national "smart TVsigns" system pilot implementation (2013-2014) The project includes a training cycle on the implementation of the new classification system for broadcasting content: two interconnected trainings for preparing trainers and supervisors from staff of National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine and encoders from 11 pilot broadcasting companies. It is a three-day training programs for developing participants’ knowledge about principles of New smart signs system for TV content and skills of TV content assessment by appropriate question tools. Standard instruction for encoders and trainers manual are developed for next using and dissemination. This activity is being organized by Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law of the Council of Europe and the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine within the framework of the Council of Europe Project on Integration of European Standards in the Ukrainian Media Environment funded by the Government of Canada.


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Lyubov Naydonova, Ph. D in Psychology, Dr. of psychology

Deputy of Director of the Institute for Social and Political Psychology