Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: EducationCulture And ArtsHumanitiesSocial And Behavioural SciencesManagement And AdministrationInformation And Communication Technologies (Icts)Mechanical EngineeringElectrical EngineeringAutomation And InstrumentationElectronics And TelecommunicationTransport

Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy is the unique in Ukraine higher educational establishment which trains pedagogical workers for professional-technical educational establishments and specialists of production, also our Academy is a member of International Association of Engineering Pedagogics (IGIP).

Main fields of activities:

The Academy consists of:

1. Educational Scientific Professional Pedagogics Institute situated in Bahmut and Slavyansk cities (Donetsk region);

2. Stakhanov Educational Scientific Institute of Mining and Educational technologies (Kharkiv).

Departments of the academy provides training of students in such field as: electronics, electromechanics, telecommunications and connection, computer technologies, systemic engineering, economics, management and administration, practical psychology, design, light industry, food technologies, printing and printing trades affair, metrology, standardization and certification, labor protection, power engineering, oil and gas affair, machine building, transport, welding.

In Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy there are all conditions for development of scientific schools in the field of pedagogics, engineering and psychology, there are specialized academic councils on defense of dissertations.

Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy actively participates in the international project of the International Society of Engineering Pedagogics (die Internationale Gesellschaft fur Ingenieurpadagogik – IGIP). From 1999 UEPA is its active member.

The Academy has created National Monitoring Committee of Ukraine (NMCU), it works under the aegis of the International Organization of Engineering Pedagogics (IGIP).

Academy also has the Center of foreign citizens’ training where students from many countries of the world are trained annually. The structure of the Center includes the preparatory office which carries out preparation of foreign citizens for training in higher educational establishments.

Today the international activity of the academy covers the following areas: international student mobility, academic exchanges and the training of foreign students; research; culture. The academy maintains numerous international contacts in the field of training of engineering-pedagogical personnel.

Information about the intended project:

Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy is looking for partners for cooperation in the suggested fields of activities.

We are opened for any Erasmus + programs.

At present of great interest are projects connected with development and accessibility of higher education for socially unprotected groups (incapacitated people, young parents, mothers of children invalids, single mothers, education for women of the third age) and at inclusive and vocational education.

We are opened for participation as associative partners as well.


Head of the Department of International Educational Programs, Marketing and Career Burtseva Victoria


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