National University "Odessa Maritime Academy"

Location: Odessa, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: Education

We have academic experience and practical skills in EL (English Language) education of navigators. We are interested in elaborating integrated course of teaching navigation sciences through training technology of EL professional linguistic skills in distant learning mode.

Main fields of activities:

Developing training technologies in teaching maritime EL terminology, developing prior linguistic training of future seafarers, navigators for learning subject - based disciplines in EL, developing synchronous and asynchronous mode of distant learning EL professional terminology of subject disciplines.

Information about the intended project:

The purpose of the present project is to help to improve the quality of distant learning in the fiend of maritime studies, navigation through EL learning, in particular. The main goal is to promote adoption, the application and the use of e-learning of maritime English for non-native speakers, provide and implement IT platform, offering virtual databases for distant learning. The expected impact on participants is to develop their knowledge and skill, their progress being advised and assisted, help enhance their skills of immediate response and reaction in emergency professional situations, enrich their knowledge on professional navigational terms. Distant learning mode is insistive necessity for seafarers whose voyages and education are often overlapping in time terms. The idea of creating substantial working packages reflecting IMO model course 3.17 in maritime language but at the same time being constructed as ABC course for studying navigation sciences in EL for non-native speakers- students/cadets of maritime educational institutions.

Project proposal / description

We expect that the project proposal will fit into the objectives of the participating maritime educational establishments and enterprises, involved in seafarers' training process, having the aims of gaining the time for preparatory training course of EL navigational terminology. All candidates who are entering EL maritime educational establishments are to be eligible to take up subject-based education in EL and be adapted as quickly as possible to the multinational and multilingual crew environment on board the vessel during the voyage. European policy and the world policy of training seafarers are aimed at universal standardization in this process. Still there is noticeable difference in mastering EL linguistic abilities, skills, EL professional competence by different nationalities of seafarers. IMO and many other intergovernmental organizations contributed to the process of unification and standardization of international maritime EL as IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases, subject-based EL computer programs. These programs are very good teaching material for learning maritime English in different professional aspects. They are separate segments for professional training and not integrated. Virtual Lab Integrated model of EL preparatory training course for studying navigational terminology will be applicable in EL and non-EL maritime educational institutions for non-native speakers, also in enterprises employing or/and training seafarers in real-life.

Previous international experience:

Our University has taken part in TEMPUS, TEMPUS-TACIS projects.

My personal international experience includes IAMU, IMEC conferences, IMO Training Courses.


Contact person

Name : Nadiia Ivasiuk
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65029, Ukraine, Odessa, str. Didrihsona, 8
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