National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

Location: Rivne, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: Management And AdministrationLawNatural SciencesMathematics And StatisticsInformation And Communication Technologies (Icts)Mechanical EngineeringAutomation And InstrumentationArchitecture And ConstructionAgricultural Science And FoodTransport

The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering is one of the best technical Universities of Ukraine.

The University with its centenary history can be proud of achievements, aspirations, victories, scientific researches and experience in training of specialists for various branches of Ukrainian economy.

NUWMNRU is the only higher education establishment in Ukraine that trains personnel for the water management and ameliorative complex of our state.

The University is the largest higher education establishment in Rivne region and the leading HEE of Ukraine; it consists of 8 institutes, 5 training and consulting centres, 5 colleges.

Training and retraining of specialists, including foreign citizens, is carried out in 31 bachelor degree programs, 30 specialties and 38 master degree programs.

The educational process in the university is provided by highly skilled teaching staff: 378 doctors, associate professors, 62 Doctors of Science and professors. 34 academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and foreign countries comprise the University's workforce. NUWMNRU also offers doctoral and postdoctoral degree programs for scholarships.

The University has modern technical base, which meets modern requirements of training. The educational process is carried out in 7 study buildings, more than 100 specialized classrooms, labs, class-rooms equipped with modern computers, audio-visual and other technical equipment. Educational, industrial and other forms of practices are carried out by students in laboratories, workshops, training labs of the University as well as in the leading institutions and enterprises of Ukraine, foreign universities and enterprises.

The University has extensive international relations with higher education institutions and international organizations of Poland, Germany, France, the USA, Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria and many other countries all over the world. Our graduates work in a variety of industries both in Ukraine and abroad. Since 2013 the NUWMNRU is the Member Great Charter of Universities (Magna Charta Universitatum).

The University was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, is listed in the "Golden Book of Business Elite of Ukraine", is a multiple winner of ratings "Golden Fortune", "Best Enterprises of Ukraine" in the category "Higher education".

Main fields of activities:

The university consists of 7 institutes, 5 training and consulting centres, 5 colleges.

Institutes and Training Specialties:

1.Institute of Automatics, Cybernetics and Computer Engineering:

- Automation and Computer Integrated;

- TechnologiesApplied Mathematics.

2.Institute of Agroecology and Land Management:

- Agronomics;

- Water Bioresources and Aquaculture;

- Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management;

- Ecology, Environment Protection and Balanced Natural Resources Application.

3. Institute of Building and Architecture:

- Architecture;

- Building;

- Occupational Safety.

4. Institute of Water Management and Environmental Engineering:

- Building (Hydraulic Engineering Construction);

- Hydropower Engineering;

- Water Engineering (Water Resources);

- Heat Power Engineering.

5. Institute of Economics and Management:

- Economics of Enterprise;

- Management;

- Accounting and Auditing;

- Human Resource Management and Labour Economics;

- Finance and Credit.

6. Institute of Mechanics:

- Automobile Transport;

- Mining

- Mechanical Engineering;

- Transportation Technology Means.

7. Institute of Law:

- Public administration, Documentation science and Information activity;

- Constitutional Law;

- International Law.

Information about the intended project:

Main directions that our university is ready to conduct and realize:

-collaboration with foreign Universities (Double Diploma);

-scientific and intercultural exchange;

-youth leadership programs;

-international cooperation for youth work and training;

-student and stuff mobility;

-joint degree programs (graduate and post-graduate);

-research and implementation of mobility programs as well as exchange of student and stuff;

-development of technologies and economical cybernetics;

-development and support of educational technologies and software;

-joint research projects;

-development and implementation of innovations into academic process;

-strategic partnership with higher educational institutions, research institutes

Previous international experience:

The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering has concluded agreements on cooperation with all technical universities in Ukraine. University provides international cooperation with more than 100 foreign universities from 10 countries about holding joint scientific research, academic exchange, conducting joint scientific conferences. Results of scientific research can be found in editions of Web of Science, Scopus, IC Copernicus.

1999 - Community Connections Program.

Since 2006 - Fulbright Program.

2005-2008- TEMPUS-DNEPR Projects.

2010-2012 - partner in the project FLOOD-WISE.

Since 2012 our University cooperates with Lublin State University of Technology, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, The State School of Higher Education in Chelm, The Kielce University of Technology according to the program “Double Diploma”.

Since 2015 students and staff have opportunity to take part in the program ERASMUS+ in the University of Poland: Lublin State University of Technology, Viencent Pol University in Lublin and Warsaw University of Tecnology.

Since 2015 students have opportunity to take part in the program Stichting Uitwisseling.

In 2015 and 2016 two lectures have won Ivan Vyhovsky Grant Program.



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