Kasdi Merbah University

Location: Ouargla, Algeria
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Field of Knowledge: EducationHumanitiesSocial And Behavioural SciencesJournalismLawBiologyNatural SciencesMathematics And StatisticsInformation And Communication Technologies (Icts)Mechanical EngineeringElectrical EngineeringAutomation And InstrumentationChemical And BioengineeringElectronics And TelecommunicationAgricultural Science And Food

The University Kasdi Merbah of Ouargla (UKMO) has its origins in the former “Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS)” created in March 1988, which located 800 km from Algiers.

The UKMO University currently has 04 campuses across the city of Ouargla. Currently, it is composed of ten (10) faculties (Medicine ; Applied Sciences ; New Information technologies and Communication ; Mathematics and Matter Sciences ; Nature and Life Sciences ; Hydrocarbons, Renewable energy, Earth and Universe Sciences ; Economics, Commerce and Management ; Law and Political Sciences ; Letters and Languages ; Humanities and Social Sciences) and two (02) institutes (Sciences and Techniques of Physical Activities and Sports ; Applied Sciences and Techniques).

It also has a 1,200 permanent academic staff and over 29,000 students. Our university is granted as a national excellence center for hydrocarbons and agronomy fields. It is among the first Algerian universities engaged in professional programs. The main academic activities of university are taught in three (03) cycles courses: 74 Bachelors, 94 Masters and 63 PhD programs. Each year, the university graduates around 7000 students and from the university creation till now, around 65,000 students had been graduated.

Information about the intended project:

UKMO involved with the mounting and membership in European projects characterized by their high-tech should be raised, in this context, the proven and ambitious skills that translate human and material potentials and regional and national assets of our University in concrete projects for educational and scientific development, knowing that for the moment, European cooperation projects, such as Erasmus Plus and Horizon 2020 are the only ones who offer this possibility. This consequence, the UKMO positively adheres to all initiatives and cooperation process, engaging in European projects.


Pr. KORICHI Mourad

Vice-Rector for Cooperation