Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

Location: Odessa, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: Management And Administration

“Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine” since 1995 has been preparing modern civil servants and managers for the South of Ukraine. During this period, the Institute has trained more than 7,500 administrators, who hold key positions in state and local self-government bodies of Ukraine, as well as in banking, finance and investment sectors. In the aggregate of indicators for the last several years, the institute is one of the best among regional institutes of the National Academy and among the universities of the Southern region of Ukraine.

Field of study: Management and administration, Public Management and administration

Code of specialty \ program subject area: 073 – Management, 281 – Public administration

Main fields of activities:

The institute consists of the Faculty of Public Management and Administration, which trains specialists for state and local self-government authorities, as well as the Faculty of Management and Business Technologies, which trains employees for enterprises and business structures.

The Institute is constantly working on expanding the list of its educational services. Bachelor, master and PHD training is offered in the field of knowledge “Public Management and Administration”.

Master training on “Public Management and Administration” specialty is carried out according to one of the specializations: Local Self-Government; Law in Public Administration; Regional Administration; Public Policy in Social and Humanitarian Development Sphere; Public Administration in Healthcare; Policy and Management in Cultural Sphere; Economic and Financial Policy and Entrepreneurship; European Integration in Global Governance; E-government.

Bachelor and master training on “Management” specialty are offered in the field of knowledge “Management and Administration”. Master training on “Management” specialty is carried out according to one of the specializations:Project Management in Tourism; Business Analytics and Business Project Management; Strategic Communications; Business Administering; Economic Security.

The Institute’s doctoral program provides training of higher qualification specialists in the field of Public Management and Public Administration.

An important point is that almost half of the time is spent on studying for an educational program (specialization), which allows to significantly increasing the practical orientation of education.Thus, every new student, whatever his previous education and field of activities was, will find an appropriate direction for improving his managerial talents in our institute.

In order to ensure civil servants’ effective training and professional development, the following issues are always paid attention to:

- Introduction of modern teaching methods, development and improvement of educational programs;

- Facilitating students and staff in further education abroad, academic mobility;

- Organization and conducting of researches in the field of public administration and politics, problems of strategic planning, regional and local economic development;

- Organizing and conducting international conferences, seminars, summer schools on theory and practice of public administration, accumulation of library resources and information technologies for establishing international cooperation.

In the Institute’s every day activity special attention is paid to the scientific, educational and consulting support of European integration processes at the regional level and the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.The Institute’s chairs have prepared and implemented in current study process a number of educational modules, related to European integration issues.

Information about the intended project:

A highly competent Institute’s team for the development of international educational and scientific projects is ready to contribute to the partnership quality by promoting our knowledge, and long-term advanced experience in establishing effective international cooperation.Each faculty has project managers’ teams having experience in implementing a wide range of project activities such as development of curricula, e-learning modules and joint programs for the organization of joint sessions, seminars, coordination meetings and conferences.Thus, the ability to bring experience and to share best practices within the framework of partnership makes the Institute a reliable and valuable partner.

To find out more about the possibilities of the Institute's project proposals, we suggest contacting the Institute's web-site part (attached).

We thank you very much for your attention and look forward to receive your e-mails with suggestions of cooperation with the Institute or for more information on the possibilities of developing joint projects.

We expect that the project proposals will be in line with the directions of the educational institution's activity, focused on the process of managers and civil servants’ training, and integration to the European Higher Education Area.

Project proposal / description

The Institute’s project proposal includes, but is not limited to the following fields:

Being focused on expanding international contacts and participation in international projects, the Institute is ready to actively promote project proposals aimed at modernizing and enhancing the capacity of educational institutions’ management, improving the quality of education, organizing mobility and joint programs developing.

We are looking for partners to participate in projects under the Erasmus + (KA1 and KA2), Jean Monnet, Horizon 2020 or other EU programs in such fields as:

• Development and introduction of innovations in the education system.

• Strategic partnership with higher education institutions in our country and abroad.

• Mobility of students and staff.

• Joint Diploma Programs.

• Youth Leadership Programs.

• Conducting of joint research with partner universities.

Main directions of activity:

- Education in the field of management and business administration;

- Education in the field of public administration;

- Professional preparation of business projects;

- Business and administration modeling based on the econometric platform (SPSS);

- Financial report and strategic financial analysis;

- Educational services (education for Ukrainian and foreign students, international business school);

- Research activities (doctoral program, publishing);

- International cooperation in such fields as: joint diplomas, membership in various international associations, professional training of teaching staff, professors and students’ participation in various international programs and events.

Previous international experience:

Since its foundation, our institute has been actively cooperating with universities, diplomatic missions, foundations and organizations from Germany, Poland, France, Canada, China, Belarus, Romania, Moldova and other countries.Among our partners there are: NISPAcee, World Bank, American Agency for International Development (USAID), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Bavarian House and Alliance Francaise in Odessa, Hans Zeidel and Konrad Adenauer Foundations, as well as other institutions.

The Institute has established wide international contacts. Study visits and individual internships are regularly realized jointly with:

-National School of Public Administration (KSAP, Warsaw, Poland).

-University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration, Police and Administration of Justice, Gustrow (Germany).

-Wismar University of Technology, Business and Design (Germany).

-Berlin School of Economics and Law, (Germany).

-Alexandru Ioan Cusa University (Iasi, Romania).

The Institute’s representatives are constantly involved in international educational projects.

Implemented Projects:

- “Transparency in the System of Local Self-government of Poland” in cooperation with the Bialystok College of Public Administration funded by “Polish Aid” program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. Terms: 2009.

- European Union Twinning project “Support for the Development and Improvement of Civil Servants Training System in Ukraine”. Terms: 2009-2011.

- “Capacity Building for Economically-Based Planning for the Development of Oblasts and Cities of Ukraine” Project (REOP), implemented by the Canadian Conference Council and funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Terms: 2011-2014.

- “Electronic Governance for the Accountability of Government and Community Participation” Project (EGAP), funded by the “Eastern Europe” Foundation. Terms: 2015-2018.

- Project “Sustainable Development of Consolidated Communities, Small Towns and Settlements of the Odessa Oblast” funded by the Hans Seidel Foundation (Germany). Terms of implementation: 2016 - 2017.


Address:65009, 22 Genuezka str., Odessa, Ukraine.

Contact person: First Deputy Director Mykola Popov

Tel.: +380487059710 Mob.: +380963876229


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