Vinnitsia National Agrarian University

Location: Vinnytsia, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: EducationManagement And AdministrationLawBiologyNatural SciencesMathematics And StatisticsInformation And Communication Technologies (Icts)Mechanical EngineeringElectrical EngineeringAutomation And InstrumentationAgricultural Science And FoodVeterinary Medicine

Vinnitsia National Agrarian University is the most prestigious multidisciplinary University in Vinnytsia region. The structure of the University consists of: 6 faculties (Agronomy, Management and Law, Economics and Business, Accounting and Audit, Technologies of production and processing of animal production, Mechanization of agriculture), 32 departments, 7 colleges, postgraduate and doctoral studies, the Botanical garden “Podillia”, Scientific and Research farm “Agronomichne”, Uladovo-Lyulynetska and Yaltushkivska experimental selection stations. About 14 thousand students get an education here. Our powerful scientific and pedagogical schools provide an opportunity to train skilled workers from 10 specialties; junior specialists in 18 directions; bachelors in 20; specialists in 12; masters in 20 specialties; doctors of philosophy and doctors of sciences in 19 specialties. The educational process is carried out by highly qualified teaching staff which counts 50 professors, 59 Doctors of Science and 250 PhD. The University has modern scientific and technical base, located in 12 own educational buildings, classroom fund is more than 100 thousand square meters, libraries, reading rooms, canteen and cafes, scientific laboratories, zones of free Wi-Fi, computer classes, the center of leisure of students and gyms, modern hostels and the place of rest create a comfortable environment for study and leisure of students.

Main fields of activities:

Development of methodical bases for the system of life support of livestock in conditions of small capacity of agricultural enterprises

Experimental substantiation of the effectiveness of using of biologically active feed additives in feeding farm animals

Development of methods of using of bacterial and enzyme feed additives in feeding farm animals

Structural and functional characteristics of adaptive forms of mycobacteria and new approaches to the improvement of laboratory diagnostics of tuberculosis

Development of scientific-biological substantiation and regime of fish-farming exploitation of reservoirs

Development and study of the effectiveness of the use of new biologically active additives based on enzymes in feeding farm animals

Scientific substantiation of the effectiveness of the use of microbial and phytobiotic additives in the production of organic livestock products

Economic feasibility of biofuel production and consumption in Ukraine

Hydraulic and pneumatic drive of agricultural machinery

Development of new methods for diagnosing of motor vehicles operating on different types of fuel

Improvement of potato planting technology

Development and improvement of technology of growing of basic forage crops and harvesting of forages.

Study of landscape garden ecosystems

Improvement of technological methods of growing fodder and leguminous crops

Optimization of agrotechnological measures for increasing the productivity of forage crops

Ecosystem monitoring of phytopathogenic bacteria in agro-ecosystems of Ukraine

Study of quality of food raw materials and development of measures to improve its safety

Development of fertilizer systems and measures of chemical melioration for agricultural crops

Improvement of accounting in the conditions of the agrarian market

Prospects of development of accounting and control at agricultural enterprises

Development of transformational processes in Ukrainian economy

Models of regional economic development and information technologies in the economy

- encouraging the development of adapted technologies for growing bioenergy crops and sugar beets, which are based on the new generation of technical and chemical products;

- providing research-setting efficiency of insecticides against pests, fungicides against diseases, herbicides against weeds and agricultural chemicals;

- the economic feasibility of production and consumption of biofuels in Ukraine;

- energy security of Ukraine; development of new energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies in crop and livestock;

- the creation and implementation of high-performance and economical machine tractor units on the basis of innovative modular power tools;

-the development of environmentally friendly (organic) technology of cultivation of major crops in accordance with international programs ecologically safe products for the international certificate ISO;

- development of applied scientific bases of transformation of organizational and economic relations to the social market conditions in agriculture;

- development of methods to use bacterial enzyme and bioactive feed additives in feeding farm animals.

Information about the intended project:

Development of a System Using City Wastewater for Irrigation and Fertilization of Crops in Farming Systems.

Previous international experience:

International cooperation with foreign partners is a prerequisite for the dynamic development, improving the image of the university, integration into the family of world educational and scientific institutions. We established an active and practical training and research collaboration with 47 universities from more than 30 countries. Annually the university receives more than 100 foreign delegations. On the initiative of the president of the VNAU Grygorii Kaletnik in conjunction with scientists from France, Germany, China was created the International School of biofuels in order to study advanced experience of production and use of renewable energy sources. The Project of production and utilization of biofuels products, livestock technology and farmers support is being implemented in conjunction with the scientists from US universities. Lecturers of university do the scientific traineeship in Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Albania, Germany, China, Republic of South Africa, USA, Georgia, Montenegro. They take part in conferences, training courses in agricultural economics, environmental safety and environmental protection, economic, political and social development of EU Member States. Students of the university have the opportunity to peruse works of leading scientists in Austria, France, Russia, the USA and German agricultural center. Postgraduates, doctoral candidates, scientists have the ability to carry out scientific research in cooperation with colleagues, present their achievements at international conferences and publish their works in foreign journals. Joining the Association of Universities of Black Sea region and the Vyshegrad University Association became an important event in the development of international relations and exchange in educational, scientific and cultural spheres.


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