Khmelnytskyi Cooperative Trade and Economic Institute

Location: Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
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Khmelnytskyi Cooperative Trade and Economic Institute (hereinafter - HCTEI) is the oldest institution of higher education of trade and economic profile in the Khmelnytskyi region (Ukraine).

The history of cooperative education in Khmelnytskyi started with Kamyanets-Podilsky cooperative college creation in June 1922. In 1959, the educational institution was renamed into Khmelnitskyi cooperative technical school due to the relocation in Khmelnytskyi city.

In 2008, the educational institution was reorganized into Khmelnytskyi cooperative trade and economic institute with the college functioning as a separate structural subdivision.

HCTEI is the departmental higher educational institution of the Ukrainian Consumer Cooperative System (Ukrkoopspilka), which since 1992 has been a full member of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), that unites national and regional unions and federations of cooperatives. Since 2012 Ukrkoopspilka is a member of the European Community of Consumer Cooperatives (Euro Coop).

The scale of activity and the potential of higher education institutions is confirmed by the number of graduates, which is more than 38 thousand of people.

The mission of HCTEI is to ensure the connection of “education – science – production” through the formation of a corporate culture and a modern management system based on the principles of leadership value.

HCTEI carries out student preparation for educational degrees (junior specialist (bachelor), bachelor, master) in the following specialties:

- finance, banking and insurance;

- accounting and taxation;

- marketing;

- management;

- entrepreneurship, trade and stock activities;

-hotel and restaurant business;

-computer engineering;

- law

Information about the intended project:

The practical orientation of the educational process in HCTEI has found scientific substantiation in the innovative technology of productive learning (working in situations of professional activity, virtual educational enterprise as an educational platform (innovative educational tool), implementation of elements of dual cooperation with employers).


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