Dnipropetrovsk Professional College of Arts and Culture

Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
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Field of Knowledge: Culture And Arts

Dnipropetrovsk Professional College of Arts and Culture is the institution of higher education of the first accreditation level. The college was established in 1944. Now it is located in the beautiful building of XIX century.

Dnipropetrovsk Professional College of Arts and Culture trains highly qualified specialists in the field of culture and arts due to the educational and professional programs of all levels; provides cultural, educational, artistic, and methodological work; develops and implements the most important educational and scientific programs.

The main tasks of education in the institution are:

- to introduce educational activities, which includes educational, cultural, and methodological training

- to provide the conditions for mastering the knowledge system in the chosen specialty

- to form socially mature, creative personality, education of the morally, mentally, and physically healthy generation of citizens

- to form a public position

- to prepare young people for independent professional activity

- to inform our students about the current situation on the job market

The college has the choir and ensembles which were created in the institute. The participants often take part in different concerts through Ukraine. In addition, DPCAC has own student theatres. Their performances were awarded with many honorary diplomas.

In conclusion, Dnipropetrovsk Professional College of Arts and Cultures is a big and friendly family which lives bright and creative life. Our team is very proud of our graduates!

Main fields of activities:

College carries out student preparation for junior specialist educational degree in the following specialties (full-time education):

1.Folk art.
Specialization: Folk songs; Variety instruments; Folk instruments; Spectacular theatrical events.

2. Library Affairs.

3. Music art.
Specialization: Variety singing.

4. Choreography.
Specialization: Folk choreography.

5. Variety and circus art.
Specialization: Circus genres; Variety dancing.

6. Arts.
Specialization: Arts; Arts and crafts.

7. Design.
Specialization: Graphic design.

8. Performing arts.
Specialization: Drama Theater Actor; Puppet theater actor.

9. Management of socio-cultural activities.

Also DPCAC has extramural studies for the following specialties: Folk songs; Variety instruments; Folk instruments; Spectacular theatrical events, Library Affairs, Management of

socio-cultural activities.

Moreover, the college is planning to open new specialties such as:

  1. Social and cultural activities manager.
  2. Event manager.
  3. Tourism manager.
Information about the intended project:

We are looking for European partners to establish cooperation with the help of the Erasmus + Programmes, including “KA2: Cooperation for innovation and good practice”, “KA3: Support to policy reforms”, “Jean Monnet: European Studies”, “Sport: Collaborative Partnership”.


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