Institute for Economics and Forecasting National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IEF NASU), Department for Economics and Policy of Agrarian Transformations

Location: Kiev, Ukraine
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IEF NASU is the governmental scientific public institution including 16 departments, established to solve the most important problems of socio-economic development of Ukraine. IEF NASU also offers master's degree programs and postgraduate studies. DEPAT is a structural subdivision of IEF NASU.

Main fields of activities:

DEPAT key focus areas: Conducting basic and applied research of economic, social and environmental phenomena and processes in rural areas for grounding mechanisms of socioeconomic modernization and providing sustainable agricultural and rural development; Developing methodology of small and family farms' functioning, their involvement in agri-food chains, food self-sufficiency, formation of labour and maintaining material welfare of rural population; Developing the conceptual and policy framework of rural development through stimulating rural communities for collective action in solving life problems using local assets / capital. The DEPAT carry out research projects with further recommendations for government bodies.

Information about the intended project:

IEF NASU – DEPAT is interesting in partnership and cooperation projects for developing knowledge platform in Ukraine to support learning, sharing and implementing best EU practices and approaches in sustainable farming and rural development.

Project proposal / description

– Facilitating better understanding of agricultural and rural development policies in EU;
– Enhancing knowledge capacities at national and local levels for the planning, evaluation and implementation of EU-oriented policies in Ukraine;
– Promoting modern and sustainable agricultural production, respectful of the environment and of animal welfare, including extension of the use of organic production methods and the use of biotechnologies, inter alia through the implementation of best EU practices in those fields;
– Sharing knowledge and best EU practices of rural development policies to promote economic well-being for rural communities.

Previous international experience:

IEF NASU is associated institutions of the European Rural Development Network (ERDN) since 2013. DEPAT has solid cooperation experience with donors (EC, USAID, DFID, UNDP).
International projects:
1. «Development of justification of basic principles and mechanisms for setting up Small Landowner Associations in Ukraine» (2013).
Reference number: 0213U007775.
International programme/initiative: Chemonics International Inc., the AgroInvest Project in Ukraine.
2. «Prospects of the Farming Sector and Rural development in Ukraine» (2011-2012).
Reference number: 0212U008117.
International programme/initiative: European Commission Joint Research Center Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (Seville, Spain), Centre for World Food Studies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (SOW VU).
3. «Agroecological assessment of the climate change impact on the Ukrainian agriculture potential» within the program «Land Use Change» (2009-2011).
Reference number: 0209U001329.
International programme/initiative: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA, Austria).


Olena Borodina (D.Sc., Prof., Associate Member of NASU, DEPAT supervisor), (044) 254-39-66,,