Department of Family, Youth and Sports of the Shevchenko district State Administration of Kiev City

Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Main fields of activities:

Main field of activities of your institution interested for foreign partners: holding of local government policy in relation to promoting of youth social development .

Information about the intended project:

to share experiences and join efforts in preparing youth for the future management of public and government affairs offer in Europe to launch an international "Summer School of Management" for European and Kiev students to follow-up focused on sharing of community development.

Project proposal / description

It is planned to hold a five-day field educative training workshop for 25-30 student leaders, selected on a competitive basis. During the Summer School students learn to reasonably defend their own opinions, make informed decisions and develop socially useful projects for the community. The format of the Summer School is Campground, format classes is
modeling managerial situations, trainings, debates, role plays and presentations. Aim: comprehensive online learning socially active youth skills socially responsible activities in terms of self-organizing society for the effective implementation of their own life strategies and community service initiatives. 
Objectives of the project:
- ability to instill socially responsible thinking (project management, decision making, time management, developing people, priority setting etc.)
- direct choosing of youth for responsible future career;
- Identify from among the student activists of persons eligible for subsequent management activities.

Previous international experience:

not available


Julia Shevtsova, Head of Families, Youth and Sport Department of Shevchenko district State Administration of Kiev City,,