Boichuk Art School (Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design named after Mykhailo Boichuk)

Location: Kiev, Ukraine
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Main fields of activities:

Boichuk Art School provides education services connected with obtaining higher art education on the level of qualification requirements for a bachelor and specialist with a specialization in: "Wood carving and sculpture", "Ceramics and sculpture", "Monumental and decorative painting", "Metalware", "Art of embroidery and ethnic costume", "Fashion design", "Textile", "Graphic design", "Design of environment", "Industrial design".
Michaylo Boychuk Institute of Applied Arts and Design is a public Art School, based on Ukrainian folk art tradition with high regard to academic studies as well as new age trends. The family tree of the institute begins with Nikolay Murashko's drawing school, the Kiev art school (1900-1920) and the Kiev school of the applied art (1938-1957).
We are only one artistic educational institution in Ukraine that has an obligatory Calligraphy course for graphic design.
Our graduates are already famous for their skills and knowledge and welcomed by artistic, cultural organization and design enterprises abroad and at home. One of our former projects is "Butterfly project".
Project was developed in cooperation with Municipality of Hof van in 2011. Students and Teachers of Kyiv State institute of Applied art and Design visited Hof van Twente, then designed and created 5 art objects, made from sustainable art, weather resistant and damage-proof that had been placed in open air along so called "butterfly-rout" in the HVT community Diepenheim (a creation from the Duthch artist/landscape designer Herman de Vries). The designs of art-objects has been approved by the representative of the Municipality of HvT. The materials and technique used are: metal for two objects, forging and welding techniques used, clay for sculpture, wood for sculpture, enamel for decoration, concrete for sculpture and mosaic techniques for decoration.

Information about the intended project:

to enhance teaching programs, to broaden our horizons;
to develop specific artistic activities, such as curatorial training;
to support and encourage students' and teachers' international exchanges,
to encourage training artistic professionals for the sustainable future;

Project proposal / description

Now we are looking for international partners for establishment of stable mutually fruitful relations in order to build bridges between different people and cultures all over Europe.
The project could be:
Taking into account constantly changing economical and social environment we want that our graduates be ready to meet these challenges. So we want to modernize our teaching program in the following spheres: graphic design, industrial design, environmental design, ceramics, embroidery and textile.
Social-oriented project
The project could be: "Cultural bridges"
The aim of the project: to get mutual acquainted with each other's cultures, professional practice, explore each other's local creative and cultural surroundings, exchange of educational skills and transfer passion for art, stimulation creative economy and employment.
The Project assignment is: artists/students of art schools from different regions of Europe using the techniques of Applied Arts, Graphics and Fines Arts will develop and realize master classes/ guest lessons to different groups in schools and care-institutions.
Target groups:
• vulnerable groups (could be elderly people, autistic adults, adults with a not innate brain damage)
• children of primary school and secondary school
• interested adults.

Previous international experience:

We have bilateral contacts with more than 14 Art Institutions and organizations (including NGO) in Europe. We have experience in organization of joint projects, such as international master-classes, workshops, seminars and exhibitions etc. In the framework of Joint projects we have designed and created parks, recreation areas. In framework of these projects we've provided activity for vulnerable groups, children and interested adults.


Yaroslava Podunai - Head of International Relations Department in Boichuk Art School (Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design named after M. Boichuk)
+38(044) 2857716
Skype: yaroslava_podunai