To attention of International Relations Offices from Polish Erasmus+ Agency on Credit Mobility

To attention of International Relations Offices
Dear International Coordinators,
We give You our heartfelt good wishes, personal and professional development in the new academic year. I would like to inform, that next year will be first opportunity to start new cooperation follow the Erasmus+ Programme. Up to 04.04.2015 we got time to discuss and to agree on the conditions of future cooperation and international student and staff exchange, with full recognition of the scientific achievements obtained abroad
The universities planning mobility between "Partner Countries: UA" must take into account the following factors:
1. Compliance with the institutional level mobility objectives of development cooperation with the country / internationalization of education, having reflected in internationalization strategy of the university.
2. Ensuring high quality preparation and implementation of the mobility and recognition of agree subjects and ECTS.
Our future Erasmus+ project cooperation will be assessed follow the relevance of the mobility project (internationalisation strategy, types of mobility, quality of cooperation, previous experience, definition of responsibilities and tasks, quality of project design and implementation: selection, support and recognition; impact and dissemination, impact on different levels, dissemination measures.

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Kind Regards
dr Ireneusz Thomas
Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator PWSTE Jarosław (PL)