Burch University, in Sarajevo

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
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Burch University is a privately held university in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Founded in 2008, Burch is a relatively young but extremely prospective institution. In a period of six years, Burch University has risen to regional fame, ranking first among private universities, and third nationally according to Webometrics. Burch University is also accredited by HEA (Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina).

As a nationally accredited institution, Burch has built its success through a strong commitment and high level of dedication to undergraduate, graduate and PhD education and the active engagement of its students in both curricular and extracurricular activities. It is deeply committed to students' success and their future careers which in turn fosters great student and alumni loyalty.
Burch University has three main faculties:

• Faculty of Education
o Department of English language and literature
o Department of Oriental Philology
• Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
o Department of Management
o Department of International Relations and European Studies
o Department of International Business
o Department of Banking and Finance
• Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies includes
o Department of Informational Technology
o Department of Genetics and Bioengineering
o Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
o Department of Architecture.
The curriculum of each program of study is designed in accordance with the highest international and European standards. Quality teaching, eminent professors, and field work, help students acquire high levels of professional knowledge. English language is used as the main medium of instruction at the university. Burch offers:

• Classrooms that are equipped with the latest technology
• Student-centered and project oriented education
• Internships in the company of students' choice
• Reasonable fees for education, visa-free travel, as well as affordable accommodation, and low living costs
• Residence halls close to the University
• Wide range of social events

• Great opportunity to enrich students study experience and widen personal, professional, and academic horizons.
• Chance for students to make memorable friendships with students from different countries and cultures.
• Departments and study programs which operate in accordance with the Bologna educational system requirements
Each faculty is committed to fostering international cooperation with the aim of providing opportunities for their students, and increasing both student and staff mobility. Faculties excel in research and promote academic development through annual international conferences. At Burch University the most prominent ones are

• FLTAL (International Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics),
• ICESoS (International Conference on Economic and Social Studies)
• ISSD (International Symposium on Sustainable Development).
These conferences bring thousands of international participants to Sarajevo, and have in recent years increased visibility of both the University and the local community.

The main aim of Burch University is to provide opportunities that are otherwise hardly accessible in the region. It is our belief that membership in the ERASMUS + program would greatly contribute to our cause. We hope that you will assist us in creating even more opportunities for our students and our staff here at Burch.

Sincerely, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Vice Rector for International Relations

For cooperation, please contact directly:

Majda Klimenta
International Office
International Burch University
Tel:+387 33 94 44 69
Fax:+387 33 782 131

Damir Topalović
International Office Coordinator
Tel:+387 33 94 44 69
Fax:+387 33 782 131
Mob:+387 63 339 277

Damir Topalović
International Office Coordinator
Tel:+387 33 94 44 69
Fax:+387 33 782 131
Mob:+387 63 339 277