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University Collage of Applied Sciences (UCAS)





UCAS is one of the leading academic institutions in Palestine with over 8000 full time students studying in more than 60 specialization (Bachelor and Diploma). UCAS programs are accredited from the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.   The college aims to develop a regional and international role as a leading research an innovation institution and establish academic and cultural cooperation with various international educational institutions and NGOs.  The mission is to provide a global vision for the students at UCAS and well as the local population by providing the leadership, raising awareness, facilitating the pursuit of international education and encouraging invent in global collaborations.

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university of applied sciences, university, organisation, business, government institution, Higher Education Institutions


EU commission, Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

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Type of project

ýJoint Project                            þStructural Project

Type of partnership

ýNational project                     þMulti-country Project

Subject/ field

þcurricular Development        ýGovernance and Management of HEIs

ý Relations between HEIs and socioeconomic environment    

Partners involved

Proposed project title

Developing incubators in universities in the ICT digital competence

Problem/ important

To help addressing the current and the future unemployment issues among youths, the emerging ICT sector is considered as one of the most promising opportunities since its sustainability depends primarily on human resources, local skills, and the internet.

It is an ideal area for development within the restricted economy for graduates who struggle to find gainful employment. Graduates in a variety and substantial disciplines have capabilities and motivations to start their own businesses on a very fundamental level and to turn this motivation into a product reality.  

Thus, there is a real need to develop the incubation process in the universities and to improve the success rate of the incubated projects in the field of ICT.

However, there is a real need to develop the curricula of the programming language courses.  Such a development will help the graduates to initiate their own projects in the field of ICT in effective and sustainable ways. 

This project will contribute to research capacity building in the field of innovation for partner institutions, and especially in Palestine. The project will increase the scope of the incubation units/centres by increasing linkage to the local regional and international markets in order to have a good understanding for the economic and social needs.

Project description

The project aims to develop the incubation process in very effective way for the fresh graduates from universities.

Specific project objectives

The project will have the following specific objective:

1. Developing the curricula of the programming language courses in the universities in an effective way that helps in creation of small business.

2. Developing scientific-based strategies for the universities that adopt the knowledge-value chain concept in the incubation process.

3. Developing the acceleration process in the universities that help the new businesses to find their way in the real market.

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Dr. Hani Qusa


International Relations Officer


University College of Applied Sciences-UCAS


Gaza, Palestine


+970 8 2624999


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