Lviv State Academy of Finance

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
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Main fields of activities:

Lviv State Academy of Finance is a prominent higher educational establishment of the 4th level of accreditation, which trains professionals in the specialty " 0305" – "Economics and Entrepreneurship". The goal and objectives of the educational activities meet the priorities of the financial system development. Curricula and syllabi include professional training, providing a high level of fundamental knowledge and practical skills.
The training in LSAF is carried out in such specialities as: "Finances and Credit"; "Accounting and Auditing"; "Economic Cybernetics", "International Economics"; "Management" for educational qualification of "bachelor", "specialist" and "master".
The main purpose of LSAF in the sphere of international cooperation is Integration in the modern single European educational space, forming the image of the Academy as a modern educational institution of European level that provides high-quality training of students in economic specialities.
International activity of LSAF is carried out in the following areas:
- participation in international competitions which are held by various funds for the purpose of obtaining grants;
- exchange of information on scientific and methodological development, participation in conferences, exhibitions, seminars, joint publications, etc;
- cooperation with foreign universities, including the exchange of lecturers and students;
- implementation of joint international projects.
For bilateral agreements LSAF cooperates with 13 foreign higher educational institutions in the field of science and research, teaching, methodological and educational activities.

Information about the intended project:

One of the priority scientific directions of economic research in LSAF is the study of the integration processes in finance and entrepreneurship sphere. The scientific school is functioning in LSAF, the main scientific direction of which is "The formation and implementation of management control approaches in the strategology of the national economy development."
The other directions of scientific researches in LSAF are: formation and implementation of fiscal policy as an effective tool for social and economic development of the country and regions; theoretical and organizational implementation dominants of Ukraine's tax policy in the context of international tax competition; budget and tax mechanisms of intensification of entrepreneurship and stimulation of innovative activity as a part of its government policy of economic growth of the country and the regions; modernization and increase of efficiency of local expenditures; reforming of intergovernmental relations in the context of increase of efficiency of the management of regions; strengthening of the investment component of local budgets; financial aspects of increase of efficiency the management of municipal property of local communities; the budgetary provision of social sector; efficiency and alternatives treasury servicing of local budgets; methodological approaches to the assessment of the debt security; modeling and forecasting of the development of financial system of Ukraine; formation of fundamental bases and systems' concepts of strateology of territory development and state formation, based on financial concept; modeling of financial and economic events to strengthen the state formation patriotism of nation based on material dominant; creation of modern methods of evaluation of state formation issues; state policy in the sphere of social and economic development of Ukraine in the context of globalization; reforming of financial control; development of financial control in economic sectors; the problem of corporate social responsibility; research in financial statement analysis; management market value of shares of Ukrainian corporations; strategic directions of activisation of Ukraines' stock market; financial capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises; financial potential of business entities at border areas of the Western region.

Project proposal / description

Objectives: the optimization of financial systems with using of modern advanced achievements in fiscal and monetary policy.
Activities and expected outcomes: the formation of basic fundamentals of strateological development of the economic system of the state with focus on financial welfare, increase of health and longevity of the nation, the definition of a global financial challenges. The evaluation and comparison of the impact of global financial imbalances calls on the dynamics of financial performance. Formation of events with improvement of monitoring of the financial situation that will allow to take reasoned management decisions in the interests of economic systems development.

Previous international experience:

As part of joint scientific researches with The State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (Poland) the work on the project "The state and perspectives of the development of border enterprises of Ukraine and Poland" is performed and the work on the project "Comparative analysis of insurance of Ukraine and Poland" is completed. Also in the December, 2013 the work on students' project "Finance of Poland and Ukraine" started.
On October 8, 2013 the cross-border scientific and research laboratory of the financial and economic problems of state formation at the Department of Economics, Management and Public Administration LSAF (Ukraine) and the Institute of Economics and Management of the State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (Poland) was created.


Zavalnytska Nadiia Bohdanivna – chief of the department of information and organizational support in Lviv State Academy of Finance
tel: 0676702535