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Lutsk National Technical University. Lutsk, Ukraine, Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering, Faculty of Construction and Design

Main fields of activities:

The main activity of the department Industrial and Civil Engineering is construction specialists training: bachelors, engineers and masters degree in "Industrial and Civil Engineering". Along with the training and education, lecturers of the department are working on the following research areas:
1. Research reliability of buildings and their construction methods (Ph.D., associate professor Iryna Zadorozhnikova, Ph.D., associate professor Dmytro Kysliuk, Ph.D., associate professor Ruslan Pasichnyk, Ph.D., associate professor Orest Pakholiuk, Ph.D., associate professor Svitlana Rotko, Ph.D., associate professor Oleg Sunak, Ph.D., associate professor Olha Uzhehova, Ph.D., associate professor Oleksandr Chapiuk)
2. Energy efficiency of buildings, the use of alternative sources of energy in Building (Ph.D., associate professor Orest Pakholiuk)
3. The influence of wind loads on buildings nonconvex plans in urban conditions (Ph.D., associate professor Orest Pakholiuk)
4. Discrete geometric modeling of architectural surface covering (Ph.D., associate professor Volodymyr Samchuk)

Lecturers of the department have ideas for cooperation and looking for partners to work on following possible projects:

1. Harmonisation curriculums for training experts in Construction based on the modern European trends in higher education.
The project aims at adjusting curriculums of construction: bachelors, engineers and masters in Lutsk NTU based on current European trends and creating training systems to ensure high quality training, student mobility, presenting education quality at European level, competitive graduate training for Ukrainian and European labor market.

2. Developing of the training complex for the implementation of European practice in energy efficiency for training Masters degree in Construction.
The project aims at studying and implementing European experience of energy conservation in the training Masters degree in Construction for high-quality education, their competitiveness at the Ukrainian and European labor market, which will help to implement projects of energy efficient buildings, use alternative energy in the building industry.

3. Training Masters in Construction by the program of double degree based on credit mobility.
The project aims to train experts in Construction at Lutsk NTU with simultaneously study by program of Master degree in Construction at one of the European universities (e.g. Lubelska Politechnika, Poland) to obtain a double degree for integrated curriculums that provide mobility of students, will help improve the quality of education, get European experience, be competitive specialists at Ukrainian and European labor markets.

Previous international experience:

Department staff of Industrial and Civil Engineering worked together with representatives of the Dutch Saxion University (Saxon University of Applied Sciences) and representatives of Dutch companies like: Zon Energie, KSB Nederland, AgroCircle, BGP and Nijkamp Aanneming, De Bruijn Advies & Realisatie in "Sustainable energy in Ukraine ".

In particular, the work implemented by themes:

- Energy efficiency in Building, reconstruction of buildings by introducing the concept of thermo-modernization of buildings, using of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning technology (HVAC) and using of renewable energy sources based on concept Trias Energetica, implemented in three stages: the reduction of energy consumption by minimizing energy losses and implementation of energy efficiency propositions, widespread using of renewable and alternative energy sources and more efficient using of fossil energy sources (responsible of the department - Associate Professor Orest Pakholiuk).
- Energy from waste, burning different types of waste (agricultural, industrial) for generation of energy power, biogas, heating and cooling. Using of this energy needs for centralized heating systems, reconstruction of buildings and other purposes (responsible of the department - graduate student Serhii Uzhehov).


Orest Pakholiuk, Ph.D., associate professor of Department Industrial and Civil Engineering, Lutsk NTU.
Skype: kronos993
Telefon: +380-50-789-59-01

Volodymyr Samchuk, Ph.D., associate professor, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Design Lutsk NTU.
Skype: Volodsam
Telefon: +380-50-2739367

Olha Uzhehova, Ph.D., associate professor, Head of the Department Industrial and Civil Engineering. Lutsk NTU.
Skype: olga-uzhegova,
Telefon: +380-50-9242708