Lutsk National Technical University

Location: Lutsk, Ukraine

Lutsk National Technical University. It was founded in 1966. The 24th of December, 1997 was a very important day in the history of the educational establishment. According to the decision No. 1463 of Council of Ministers Lutsk National Technical University was formed on the basis of the Industrial Institute. The university has 9 faculties, 3 centres, 3 colleges, 35 departments, where near 7746 of students study.

Main fields of activities:

The basic principles of the University activities are:
- search for gifted young people and revealing their inclinations and abilities;
- fundamental character of general education at University level;
- direct participation of leading specialists, managers of enterprises and business in educational process, combination of theoretical studies with practical work;
- goal-oriented individual work with students, bringing them up in the spirit of Ukrainian national idea, in the atmosphere of constructive work, in love to their independent and sovereign Ukraine and inculcation of high moral and patriotic qualities.

The various programs actively collaborate with similar programs in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Great Britain and Germany.

The Technological Faculty is a member of Ukrainian Packaging Club, Ukrainian Materials Science and Member of editorial board of "Upakovka" magazine and has its own scientific periodicals.

Information about the intended project:

Lutsk National Technical University aims to increase the effectiveness of the knowledge control system, based on the experience of foreign universities increasing the level of students' motivation. For implementation of this project it needs to develope a definition system of semester integrated evaluation of students using criteria of disciplines importance; to develope implementation mechanism of external independent evaluation; to realise group rating; to create the arrangements aimed at increasing the level of students competition

Project proposal / description

1. The creating of a knowledge objective evaluation system.
2. The development of the only integrated indicator of evaluation of student knowledge.
3. The development of arrangements for the learning motivation, knowledge application and also students work, based on the evaluation.
4. The consideration of foreign universities experience in this area

Previous international experience:

LNTU is a participant of the TEMPUS project "Practice- Oriented Master Programmes in Engeneering in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan": "Practice Oriented Master Programmes in Engeneering in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan "PROMENG" (2010-2013)

"Modernizing higher engineering education in Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to meet the technology challenge"
• Technische Universitet Berlin, Germany
• Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst [De Nayer Institut], Belgium
• Vilniaus Gedemino Technicos Universitetas, Lithuania
• Engineering, Consulting and Management Office, Germany
• Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia
• Kazan State Technical University, Russia
• Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications &Informatics, Russia
• Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine
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• Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Ukraine
• Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Uzbekistan
• Karshi Engineering-Economic Institute, Uzbekistan
• Tashkent State Technical University, Uzbekistan
• Federal Agency on Education of Russia
• Ministry of education and science of Ukraine
• Centre of Development of Higher and Secondary Education of UZ, Tashkent
• Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ukraine
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan Tashkent
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kazan, Russia
• Technical Universities Association of CIS, Russia


Person: Bogdan Palchevskyi
Position: Head of Department for packaging and automating of production processes, Technology Faculty
Tel.: +38 (0332) 76-73-95 - Department for packaging and automating of production processes

Address: 75 Lvivska St., Lutsk, Ukraine, 72312