State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya

Location: Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine
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State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya (SAAU). It was created by the Resolution of the Government of Ukraine from 13 July 2004 No 472 on the basis of Kamenetz- Podolsk State Agricultural Institute, which was founded in 1919. Subordinated to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

Main fields of activities:

SAAU is multidisciplinary educational complex, which includes the seven institutes and seven colleges, that train specialists in the following areas Vocational Education. Processes, machines and equipment in agriculture and hydro melioration works. Accounting and auditing. Business enterprises. Finance. Management organizations. Agricultural Engineering. Power agricultural production. Agronomy. Horticulture and viticulture. Manufacturing and processing of animal products. Veterinary Medicine. Processing equipment and food industries. Automobiles and Automobile Industry. Transportation and management of road transport. The organization and regulation of traffic. Transport and transport infrastructure. Transportation technology. Road transport. Ecology and Environment. Geodesy, Cartography and Land. Land Management and inventory. Forestry and Horticulture. The University offers post-graduate and doctoral studies. There are two specialized academic council for Defense of PhD Theses and one specialized scientific council for Defense of Doctoral Theses.

State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilia effectively collaborates in the field of educational and scientific cooperation with leading universities and organizations in Poland, Germany, USA, Canada, Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Pakistan and other countries.

Information about the intended project:

SAAU is ready to develop and submit joint projects within kA1 and kA2 and other areas. Especially we are looking for partners to develop projects related to the development of joint master's programs, modernization and adaptation of curricula, support knowledge exchange and research cooperation for investigation between the universities' partners, as well as the implementation of academic mobility of students and teachers in order to implement the tasks.

Project proposal / description


- improvement of educational technologies in higher education based on the design and development of online training programs for higher agricultural education in accordance to EU standards and in close context with regional needs, as well as master's programs by receiving concurrent degrees using distance facilities of teaching;

- adaptation of state standards of Ukraine to EU standards in agriculture, transport and energy sectors, as well as studies of wind energy, biofuels and other perspective types of energy to develop mechanisms of stimulation of energy savings and providing favorable environmental condition;

- establishment of centers for effective cooperation between international educational, cultural, populist organizations, other organizations and institutions to determine their impact on the development of agriculture in the region and creating appropriate conditions for implementing the provisions of the current global declaration in educational process and production;

- the development of tourism in Podilya (agro-tourism, rural tourism) as a factor of economic activity of population;

- development of new initial material in breeding buckwheat on the basis of sample collection of the world's gene pool Fagopyrum Mill;

- agro ecological justification and improvement of resource-saving technologies of growing crops, including agro ecological monitoring and reproduction of soil fertility for agricultural purposes, as well as control over the impact of pesticides and herbicides in the soil under the Euro standards;

- study the influence of nano drugs on increasing the intensity of growth and general resistance of farm and domestic animals; testing of new veterinary drugs, vaccines, immuno stimulants, biologically active substances, etc., and study the influence of higher nervous activity of animals on their performance and electromagnetic radiation on living organisms.

Previous international experience:

We cooperate in sphere of education and sciences with 23 universities from foreign countries. Each year about 200 students and scientific pedagogical staff undergo practical training, internships and study abroad. In 2011-2013 the University has been invited to participate in the German-Ukrainian grant program project "Tempus" together with the German agricultural Center and other agricultural universities on the subject of the use of bioenergy «BIOENERGY NETWORK OF COMPETENCE AND EDUCATION IN THE UKRAINE», in cooperation with Universities of Hohenheim and Stuttgart.


Gogol Inna, Head of International Connections Department

State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya

13, Shevchenko str., 32300 Kamenets - Podilsky, Ukraine

Telephone: +38 (067) 6612723