Ukrainian National Forestry University

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
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Educational and Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies (Ukrainian National Forestry University, Lviv).

Main fields of activities:

The Institute consists of six departments and two state applied research laboratories.
The departments regularly perform state and commercial contract scientific-research works. Over 30% of university's scientific researches are Institute's achievements. Departments' staff supports scientific and industrial relations with sectoral industry and research institutions and experimental-mechanical industry plants in Ukraine and in other countries of CIS. Joint research works of the Institute and experimental plants repeatedly have been demonstrated on international and national exhibitions and have found their competitiveness.
Scientific and practical activities have been carried out in the next main areas:
- Environmentally safe and resource-saving technologies and equipment for harvesting, transportation and primary wood processing;
- Modeling and optimization of structure, parameters and automated production systems of forest complex;
- Increasing service life of machine components, metal- and woodcutting tools and equipment; theory of construction and technical operation of woodworking equipment;
- Technologies and equipment for low-quality wood processing;
- Design of modern skyline yarding systems for forestry and recreational destinations;
- Technologies of renewable energy sources usage.
The Institute received many national and international awards for achievements in science.

Information about the intended project:

Project 1: Ecologically sustainable forest management (forest usage).
Project 2: The use of woody biomass as an alternative energy source.
Project 3: Development and implementation of educational programs and syllabuses in "Forest Engineering" for bachelor and master degree.

Project proposal / description

Project 1: Objectives: Strategy of timber logging transition on environmentally sustainable forest management. The introduction of new timber harvesting technology based on environmental and economic principles and solving the applied problems of sector reforms in the context of sustainable development.
Activities: - Identification of potential risks and substantiation of modern technologies for its prevention in forestry;
- Substantiation of usage, reproduction and conservation technologies of forest resources based on environmental and economic criteria;
- Development of alternative technologies of production processes in forestry;
- Improvement of technologies and equipment for reforestation on environmental and economical principles.
Expected outcomes: Increasing the level of ecologically sustainable forest management through the development of modern ecologically sound technologies at forestry (logging, reforestation, etc.) and their implementation; methodologies of evaluation the technologies based on ecologically sustainable forest management; dissemination of knowledge about advanced technologies at the qualification upgrading courses; developed lectures courses of special educational subjects; publishing scientific papers and textbooks; creation of information electronic resources.
Project 2: Objectives: Rational use of wood wastes, including logging residues, public services and wood processing wastes.
Activities: - Studying the experience of harvesting, processing and supply of woody biomass; conducting of conferences, seminars, workshops, round tables, etc;
- Modernization of boiler houses by switching to burning woody biomass;
- Afforestation of lands unsuitable for agricultural works by fast growing energy crops;
- Promotion of obtained experience among population and local authorities;
- Preparation articles, brochures and other information resources.
Expected outcomes: Increasing the efficiency of wood waste and low-quality wood utilization. Creation the fast-growing plantations of energy crops. Creation of new working places. Increasing energy efficiency of modernized boiler houses and reduction of energy dependence. Publication articles and brochures.
Project 3: Objectives: Improvement quality and relevance of higher education in Ukraine and increasing a convergence with EU educational documents through the development of educational programs, curriculums and syllabuses based on competence approach.
Activities: - Analysis and improvement of existing standards and methodologies;
- Development and improvement of educational programs, curriculums and syllabuses of specialties in the "Forest Engineering" area;
- Introduction of new educational programs, curriculums and syllabuses compatible with Qualifications Framework in "Forest Engineering".
Expected outcomes: Development and implementation of new curriculums, syllabuses and programs based on competence approach using ECTS in cooperation with European partner universities in the sharing experience framework (studying of experience, implementation and adaptation it according to our reality); Development the project web-site. Development methodology of distance (online) learning and training. Improvement of academic laboratories. Upgrading libraries and creation of database.

Previous international experience:

FPS COST Action FP0902 Forest Energy Action "Development and harmonization of new operational research and assessment procedures for sustainable forest biomass supply", 2009-2013.
Ukrainian-Swedish project "Supporting program of Ukrainian forestry reforms", Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. 2007-2008.
Swedish-Ukrainian-Belarusian project "Landscape and society – assessing and communicating dimensions of sustainability for adaptive governance", Swedish Institute, 2007.
International Program of Professional Development WIRA (Woskob International Research in Agriculture) at Pennsylvania State University, USA, 2008.


Dr. Igor Rebeznjuk, Director of Institute, Professor, tel./fax. +38-0322371050,
Bohdan Mahura, Associate Professor, Ph.D., mob. +38-0676641918,
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