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EU Digital Single Market: Policy, Integration and Harmonization

Program: Jean Monnet
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period: 2019-2022 EU Grant: 28560,00 € Region: Kharkiv Region City: Kharkiv Coordinator: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Contact: Maksym Kolisnyk

Jean Monnet Module “EU Digital Single Market: Policy, Integration and Harmonization” is interdisciplinary and particularly aimed at engineers, IT specialists and economists. The project prepares students for a career in European digital business, high-tech compagnies, public agencies or research. It is of great importance for our graduates to make the most of new technologies. European Integration covers today digital and networking business, banking and capital markets union against the backdrop of Brexit and the international trade negotiations. The module activities are related for students from other HEIs in scope of NURE who do not normally come into contact with European studies.Module overall objectives are derived from the labour market. Due to visa-free regime with the EU, there is an increased interest of young Ukrainians to EU – related business and public careers, we are keen to provide all academic and professional knowledge and capacity they need. Thus, project will foster high-class teaching with a new approach and modified methodology in EU studies.