You are invited to descover relevant database in different formats for the interproject cooperation, synergy and to avoid duplication or overlapping. It includes possibilities to filter according to different categories.

Erasmus+ Projects database for 2014-2024 - International Credit Mobility, Youth Mobility, Joint Master Degree Projects, Capacity Building Projects - Youth and Higher Education, Strategic Partnerships for Education and Youth, Jean Monnet, Ukrainian Universities in all actions, contacts, objectives/short description etc. - updated in 2021

InfoBox with the Capacity Building in Higher Education Profiles with detailed description of a partnership, aim, objectives, activities, expected outcomes, contacts, websites etc. 

Ukraine under Erasmus+ 2014-2020 - all actions statistics and links to the projects 

Database of all Erasmus+ projects and thier results is available at the EACEA website.

Database for EU-funded projects 2002-2017 for Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monnet, with Ukrainian Universities, contacts, objectives/short description, Countries, types etc. (XL format to filter)

База проектів Темпус /Еразмус Мундус/ Жан Моне/ TEMPUS/ErasmusMundus/Jean Monnet projects Database (XL)

Information Box with Tempus Projects profiles withobjectives, activities, expected outcomes, web-sites, contacts in Word format in English and Ukrainian languages for 2007-2017 calls in word format.

94 Tempus IV Projects DataBase

For more synergy please consult NEO - Ukraine team!