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Про нові можливості та конкурси Програми ЄС Еразмус+ напряму СПОРТ 2021-2027, запрошуємо дізнатись з відеоматеріалів Інформаційного дня від 22-23 березня 2021 р. - за посиланням тут.

Конкурси нового етапу Програми ЄС Еразмус+ 2021-2027 рр. оголошено!

Детальніше про нові можливості Програми Еразмус+ на 2021-2027 рр. - за посиланням.

Оновлене Керівництво до Програми Еразмус+ (Programme Guide)  - за посиланням.

Конкурсна програма на 2021 р. (Call for proposals 2021) - за посиланням

Коротко про нові конкурси за участі країн-партнерів - Partner Countries, зокрема України - за посиланням тут

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12 проєктів Collaborative Partnerships напряму Спорт реалізуються за участі українських партнерів /(асоційовані) та Be Active Week.

  • 2020: SCP. 2020: CP. Modernising education and training to meet the changing skills needs of golf in Europe with NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF UKRAINE ON PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT.
  • 2020: CP. Aspiring and Inspiring Youth Leaders with UKRAINIAN FIELD HOCKEY FEDERATION.
  • 2020: CP. Education and Commitment as a strategy to fight against doping with KLITSCHKO FOUNDATION.
  • 2020: SCP. soMatoscopic and anthrOpometric indicaTor Impact On performance: Protect athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions with Football Club Dynamo Kyiv Ltd.
  • 2020: SCP. Korfball: grassroot development and activities Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development with NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION "ALLUKRAINIAN KORFBALL FEDERATION".
  • 2019: Be Active Week – European Sports Days with the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine and National Olympic Committee Of Ukraine
  • 2019: National Fitness Day for Europe – Encourage participation in sport and physical activity especially by supporting the European Week of Sport with Sports Committee of Ukraine. Grant EU – 316 297 Euro.
  • 2019: Urban Sport and Culture Volunteers Promote – Voluntary Activity in Sport with Youth Association Extreme Style. Grant EU – 400 000 Euro.
  • 2017: SCHWALBE – organizations from Ukraine, Poland, Greece and Germany will organize a project which connects theatre, social media campaign and football (NGO Youth of Yuvileine). Grant EU – 59 996 EUR;
  • 2016: Rlef Training and Education Portal - The Project will disseminate an expanded suite of RLEF technical qualifications to cater to a maturing participant pool; is committed to obtaining recognition of those qualifications on the EQF, which will augment the legitimacy of the education offered; introduces professional actors to broaden the scope and perspectives of the project themes and, for the first time, builds a major eLearning open access portal that approaches course delivery, participation and assessment in a fresh and comprehensive manner, and which will be an ever-richer resource and reference guide for active participants with Ukrainian Public Organization Ukrainian Federation of Rugby League. Grant EU – 465 999.87 EUR

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