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FC_PS_LOCATION Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
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National Mining University of Dnipropetrovs'k (NMU) is one of the best "Mining" universities and has 115 years old history, also the highest status – Research University. It includes 13 different institutes and faculties. Near 14000 students are studies here on more than 50 specialties.
One of the leading departments at university is Underground Mining Department ( Annually Underground Mining department takes 200-220 students that are equal to 20 % of total admission of 37 University departments.
Underground Mining Department realizes admission and education on following specialties:
1. Underground mining of layered deposits
2. Underground mining of ore deposits
3. Underground mining of deposits with profound learning of information technologies
4. Mining of deposits with profound learning of professional English
5. Mining of deposits with profound learning of management in production sphere
6. Mines and underground constructions design.
Our students are constant participants of conferences both on the base of our university: "Scientific Spring", "Widening our Horizons" and international: "Krakowska Konferencja Mlodych Uczonych" (Krakow, Poland), "Subsurface management issues" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), etc. Besides conferences students are constant participants of All Ukrainian student competition on "Mining" on specialty "Development and mining of mineral deposits".

During education at Underground Mining Department students have opportunity:
• to complete an internship in Austria, Germany, Poland, The United States of America, Republic of South Africa, etc.
•to learn on a master programme in International University of Resources with obtaining two diplomas: Freiberg Bergakademie (Germany) and National Mining University; Leoben University Mining and Metallurgy (Austria) and National Mining University.
• to take part in students exchange programme with AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) with obtaining an appropriate certificate.
Our university are willing to actively participate in the preparation of the project application on Joint Projects (Capacity Building in Higher Education), activity "Curriculum Reform" in the sphere of Mining.

Information about the intended project:

Title: Development and improvement of master educational programs on specialty "Mining".
Wider objective of the project – Modernization and complement of master educational programs with the purpose of increasing quality, competence of students and complex solution of issues on industrial enterprises.
Project tasks:
1. Geomechanical tasks solution. Conducting of stoping and preparatory operations. Building of mine workings with the purpose of its repeated use
2. Selective technology of thin seams mining with leaving rock in mine for increasing quality of extracted mineral deposit
3. Modern technologies of mineral deposits mining with backfill of worked-out area.
4. Underground coal gasification
5. Accompanying mining of gas-methane from coal deposits
6. Examination of gas hydrated formation processes

Previous international experience:

"Demonstrative research of underground coal gasification". Japan Coal, Mitsui.


Organization: SHEE "National Mining University"
Address: Ukraine, 49005, Dnipropetrovs'k city, Karl Marks Ave, 19.
Department: Underground Mining Department
Phone: +38 (0562) 46-90-47, 47-14-72