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National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Department of Social Work and Psychology

The need of psychological research of the peculiarities of the processes of adaptation of the individual migrants, the development of effective measures of psychological assistance to individuals experiencing a crisis situation has recently arisen. It creates an urgent need for the exchange of scientific achievements and practical recommendations from the European (American, canadian experts who have had similar experiences).
The sphere of scientific research:
1. Theoretical and practical study of socio-psychological phenomenon of migration processes in the context of European integration and global trends of development of modern Ukrainian society.
2. Introduction of advisory-developing technologies aimed at increasing immigration resistance of immigrants and potential immigrants.
3. Optimization of the adaptive capacity of the person in conditions global transformation of society:
• correctional work with potential migrants (young people, students).
• correctional work with migrants, displaced persons.
• preventive and correctional work with social workers engaged in support of migrants and immigrants.
4. The formation of creative and active civil position and structure-forming effect on the axiological basis for the development of today's youth with the aim of harmonious integration into the plane of europocentric and democratic realities.
Promising areas of cooperation:
1. The development and implementation of socio-psychological programs aimed at optimizing the deployment process of personal potential (achievement) in the plane of life, social and professional activity of potential migrants, immigrants and persons providing social and psychological support to this social category.
2. The study of the mechanisms, patterns and factors of personal development in the migrant social worker.

3. Prevention and correction of emotional burnout syndrome among social workers who are displaced.
4. Scientific and applied research on the psychological aspects of the formation of the immigrants ' desire for repatriation (return).
5. Cross-cultural study of socio-psychological factors that activate the migratory behaviour, migratory activity.
6. The exchange of professional and scientific experience; monitoring of the performance of developing programs; educational projects
Scientific achievements:
1. Books:
«PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMAN MIGRATORY BEHAVIOUR» / V.I. Vus, Makarenko M.A // ISBN-14: 978-3-659-62413-1 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing 2014-09-22 P. 103
Vus V.I. Spiritua -religious development./ V.I. Vus // ISBN-13: 978-3-659-55698-2 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing 2014-06-14 P.104
2. The process of personality socialization at condition of global transformation of society. Kyiv, NULES, 2014 . 210
3. The modern specific of socialization at the condition of globalization Kyiv, NULES, 2014 . 187
4. Article: Vus V.I., Makarenko M.A. The current scientific conceptions of the content of migration problem as socio-psychological phenomena// V.I Vus, A. М. Makarenko // Nauka i studia - №09 (158), - Przemysl, Polska, 2014. – Р. 87-90
5. Report: «The migratory behaviour of a person» VІІ International scientific conference Moderni vymoženosti vědy — 2014 (Prague , 27.04-05.05.2014)
Study of the above mentioned problems provides a wide scientific exchange with researchers from other countries, communication with foreign colleagues, the discussion of the development of methodological principles and practical application of research results.
We will be very grateful for this opportunity:
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Prof. Makarenko A.M.
PhD Vus V.I.
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