Фінансовий сектор ЄС як драйвер (чинник) сталого розвитку: європейська інтеграція, реформа політики та перспективи мережевої економіки

The financial sector plays a vital role in facilitating economic development. Since 2008, the European Commission has proposed more than 40 measures for building a sustainable financial sector. In condition of strengthening of Ukrainian society orientation towards EU integration, Ukrainian students of economic profile need of knowledge about development of EU financial markets, the best sustainable practices in the EU financial sector. The project aims to:Promote the innovative view on the financial business as a sustainable economy sector (through researching, teaching course “The EU Financial Sector as a Driver for Sustainable Development: European Integration, Policy Reform andNetworked Economy Perspectives”).Equip students and young professionals with knowledge of EU financial sector development relevant for their academic and professional lives, civic skills. Improve the quality of professional training in Ukraine and EU. Promote research and first teaching experience for young researchers in EU issue.The project outcomes:Support for ALSRT professors and young researchers who carry out research on problems of EU financial sector’s sustainable development.Improve the ducational services quality in the ALSRT through improving innovative curriculum and the application of innovative pedagogical tools, actual informational technologies for the new course in the EU field.Providing a positive view on the EU integration and its manifestation in the financial sector EU.Improving career prospects for young graduates and researchers, by including a European dimension in their studies and learning that is in connection with European integration of Ukraine.The project is corresponds to the strategy of the ALSRT that has all necessary conditions for successful project implementation: experience, infrastructure, and staff. An important factor for the project success is the involvement of experts from EU universities as visiting lecturers and consultants.

Попередня Економіка європейської інтеграції: внутрішні виклики та зовнішній вимір