Історія Об’єднаної Європи: ідеї, проекти, інтеграція

From the key causes of the project should be allocated the following: – Reforming of the existing and introduction of new courses at the university with a priority on European Studies. – Approbation, implementation and dissemination of innovative methods of teaching at the university and beyond to meet the challenges of the Bologna process. – Adaptation of the European experience in teaching courses on European Studies in Kharkov. – Ensuring of compatibility of European Studies courses between the University and partner organizations in Ukraine and the EU, the development of intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.Оutputs/results. – Development and introduction of new courses in European studies at the University.- Training of qualified specialists (experts) by the University in the history of European integration and the European Union, improving of the knowledge of other target groups of the module.- The formation of critical thinking among the participants of the course and self-learning skills according to life-long learning concept- Promotion and discussion of selected topics on the history of European integration among teachers, researchers, members of civil society in Kharkov, Ukraine, and CEE countries.Impacts: – Orientation of young researchers and teachers on the professional work in the field of European studies.- Exchange of experiences on implementation of new technologies and teaching methods, both within the university and outside it in the field of secondary and higher education in the region. This implies the implementation of strategy of blended learning, where classroom sessions are combined with work in distance learning system «MOODLE». As a pedagogical innovations it is assumed the use of methods of problem-based learning, workshops and role-playing games (simulations) with open access to content for all stakeholders. Working languages – Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and English.

Попередня Європейська аграрна політика