Комерційне право Європейського Союзу

Jean Monnet Module “Commercial Law of the European Union” will be open to students who follow the Master’s Programme in Civil Law at advanced level. The course is also open to international students participating in exchange programmes with the Law Institute.The course will amount to 3 ECTS credits and will be an obligatory course at advanced level for the degree of Master of Laws. ObjectivesThe objectives of the course are; 1) to provide an in-depth understanding of the nature of EU law and 2) to explain its inter-relationship with national legal systems. This comprises the study of the EU’s basic principles of law, institutional architecture and decision-making procedures. The central theme of the course is the application of Commercial EU law. Outcomes:1) Promotion of European Union studies. Students will have possibility to learn a new course. Students and other persons, who wish to attend the course, will learn: 1) system of EU Commercial legislation; 2) kinds of Companies in the EU; 3) the impact of EU Law on national Law. They will be able: a) to conclude the agreements, a) to draft the articles of association for company.2) Greater visibility of EU Commercial Law course at national level. The educational materials, printed and electronic version of the coursebook “European Commercial Law” will be prepared. The access will be free to these resources. Several copies of the book will be presented to each regional library of Ukraine. Therefore much more people (not only students) will have possibility to learn EU Commercial Law in their native (Ukrainian) language.3) Academic added value. Problems of legal regulation, the thoughts and ideas of practical lawyers and scientists concerning harmonization of Ukrainian Law to EU standards will be collected and published in a scientific journal, in university’s and regional mass media. The ways of harmonization of Ukrainian Commercial Law will be proposed.

Попередня ЄС як глобальний якор і агент змін