Менеджмент зовнішніх конфліктів та криз: комплексний підхід ЄС

The project ‘The EU’s Comprehensive Approach to External Conflict and Crisis Management’ (as a synthesis of cross-fertilization and spread content types of Jean Monnet projects) is expected to generate, accumulate, synthesize and disseminate knowledge about European Security Strategy, policy and initiatives and promote discussion on EU’s emerging role as a global conflict manager with particular reference to the EU’s recent experience in Ukraine and other countries of the European Neighborhood with the objectives:To stimulate excellence in teaching, research and policy-making in European Security Studies with particular focus on a comprehensive approach to conflict and crisis management (through early warning and preparedness, conflict prevention, crisis management to early recovery and peace-building) in higher education institutions and public administration organizations in European Union and Ukraine;To enhance current knowledge and understanding of the complexity of contemporary conflict and conflict management and contribute to the development of research-led teaching and evidence-based policy-making in the area of crisis management and conflict prevention;To mobilize the different strengths, capacities and competencies of all project stakeholders (such as European and Ukrainian military and security communities, academia, civil society and the media) to facilitate coordination, share information and contribute to development of effective and efficient mechanisms of Ukraine-EU cooperation in crisis management and conflict resolution;To enhance the linkage between research, policy-making and teaching in European Security Studies in Ukraine;To raise professional, teaching and research skills of participating policy-makers and faculty by training them in integrative, cooperative and experimental learning techniques;To promote the implementation of new information and communication technologies in the learning, teaching and research processes.

Попередня Посилення візуалізації у процесах викладання та дослідження європейської інтеграції