Міжнародна політика Європейського Союзу

For Ukraine struggling for its European choice and searching to strength economic and political links with the European Union it is very important to understand the key principles of the EU foreign policy, its problems, priorities, results and consequences. Integration into the European political, economic and legal space based on the implementation of the Association Agreement demands a good knowledge of the European institutions, standards and values. The Project ‘The Foreign Policy of the EU’ is aimed to provide an understanding of the EU foreign relations and policy including (but not limited to) the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the Common Security and Defense Policy, promotion of human rights, global dimension of the EU foreign policy, external environmental policy, trade and energy, development and enlargement, etc. The course ‘FPofEU’ consists of 120 teaching hours per year (80 t/h lectures; 40 t/h seminars). Its structure follows the textbook ‘Foreign Policy of European Union’ by Stephan Keukeleire and Tom Delreux (2d ed., 2014). The Project involves the foreign professors from Germany, Italy, Finland and Switzerland whose teaching experience will be useful for their Ukrainian colleagues. Thus, the Project educates both students and professors; this is a platform for spreading knowledge about the EU and teaching methodology.

Попередня Медична освіта в Європейському Союзі: виклики для України