Політика, регулювання та кращі практики зі сталого виробництва та споживання харчових продуктів у Європейському Союзі

The Jean Monnet Chair addresses to studying policies, technical regulations and best practices in sustainable food production and consumption in the European Union. The main teaching activity of the Chair comprises three interconnected university teaching courses on 1) The EU strategy for sustainable development; 2) European Union regulations and standardization on food production and consumption; 3) Sustainable approaches in food production and consumption in the EU. The target group for these courses is Master’s students in Environmental Science & Environmental Protection, and in Environmental Control & Audit of the Department of Biochemistry and Environmental Control, the National University of Food Technologies (NUFT). Additionally, an introductory teaching course on Sustainable Food Production and Consumption in the EU for Master’s students in Power Engineering of the Department of Heat Power and Refrigeration, NUFT will be delivered. Also, the Chair activities include two summer schools for policy makers, food industry experts and NGO representatives. The Chair will comprise 748 contact hours and cover about 420 students/learners. The main outputs of the Chair are an increased awareness of future professionals, policy makers, food industry experts and NGO representatives in key aspects of sustainable food production and consumption in the European Union and promotion to applying this knowledge in Ukraine. The Chair will increase the competitiveness of the learners on the national and international labor market. The important added value of the Chair is developing of curricula on European Union studies for Master’s Programmes at NUFT. The Chair will significantly contribute into teaching contents of two Master Programmes, bringing three new European Union studies.

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