Торгівля з ЄС: можливості та виклики для України

The EU and Ukraine have signed the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) in June 2014, which started to operate on January 2016. As for the Ukrainian trade, DCFTA brings both opportunities and challenges. This Jean Monnet Module on EU trade policy aims to develop four training courses (modules) and e-learning system to achieve better results of DCFTA implementation through education. The academic added value of this module is related to development of such new courses: “European economy and EU trade policy”, “Basics of European economy and EU trade policy”, “EU trade and Ukraine”, “EU trade policy: experience from the Visegrad States”. The main target group of this module are University students of two specialities “Economics” and “International Economics”. These students are future specialists that would develop economic EU-Ukraine cooperation. According to the program, there are also intensive course on EU-Ukraine cooperation, which is delivered mainly for non-specialists (journalists, linguistic, computer science students, etc.) of Sumy State University and for partner Universities (Ostrog, Poltava and Kharkov universities) economics students. It is expected to have wide potential impact during the life of the project on: students of treated regions with total population about 5 mln. people; local authorities, journalists, NGOs representatives, teachers and general public (the last is through advertises, awareness, publications, news on project realization and open online courses). Within this Module it is expected: a) to develop teaching materials for 4 courses related to EU trade policy; b) to establish 3 open on-line courses at open course ware (OCW) for innovations development, presentation and promotion (IDP courses);c) to publish a textbook and monograph on EU trade policy issues;d) to develop teaching methodology (guides for teachers)е) to create a net-work of partner-Universities and wide public for EU-Ukraine cooperation

Попередня Європейські студії як засіб трансформації конфлікту в Україні