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Використання кращих практик ЄС для формування стійкої економіки в Україні

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2014-2017 EU Grant: 30000,00 € Регіон: Sumy Region Місто: Sumy Координатор: Сумський державний університет Контакти: Леонід Мельник
Тел.: 38 068 967 87 67
Email: lmelnyk@mail.ru

Sustainable economy as a key element of European area cannot be achieved in a one separate region. It requires common efforts of the whole community on the base of openness to civil society. Considering the mentioned facts project is aimed at direct influence on North (Sumy region), East (Kharkov region), and South (Odessa region) of Ukraine. The project main idea is to develop training courses and e-learning system to improve sustainability of local economies through working with 4 target groups: 1) engineering and computer science university students (Sumy region); 2) economics and environmental studies students (bachelor, master, post graduate) in three regions (Sumy, Odessa, Kharkov); 3) NGO representatives, local authorities, journalists, local entrepreneurs (Sumy region); 4) teachers who teach economics and earth subjects at universities and colleges (Sumy region).Methodology of the programme includes instruments activating participant’s potential through lecturing, workshops, roundtable debates, distance e-learning, Webinars, etc. Programme implementation is based around 4 pillars of education: Learning to Be, Learning to Know, Learning to Do, and Learning to Live TogetherThe main outputs are: developed EU related courses for students (published manuals); developed guides for teachers; developed and started e-learning courses for better dissemination of results; created interuniversity network in EU studies (three regions involved during the life of project); strengthened links with local authorities and mass media related to EU studies, published monograph and textbook.