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Європейські студії освіти з фінансів: дослідження та розповсюдження європейського досвіду в галузі освіти з фінансів серед населення

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2014-2017 EU Grant: 22428,00 € Регіон: Sumy Region Місто: Sumy Координатор: Українська академія банківської справи Національного банку України Контакти: Наталія Євченко
Тел.: +38 0542 665 075
Fax: 38 0542 665 114
Email: nevchenko@yandex.ru

The development of the economy depends not only on the effective implementation of financial technologies, but also on the ability of people to use them. Therefore, the improvement of financial literacy along with the financial education and protection of the consumers of financial services has been recognized by the Commission of the European Union as an important task of social development. In the conditions of the European integration, the emergence of a wide range of the latest financial products and services on the financial market of Ukraine requires from its citizens an active behavior during their interaction with financial institutions. It means a high level of financial literacy and ability of the consumers of financial services to use the available information in the decision- making processConsidering the goal set by the European Union Commission in relation to the financial literacy: "developing the ability of customers and owners of small businesses to understand the essence of financial products and make qualified informed decisions", the activities of the European studies on financial education contribute to the transfer of the European knowledge and experience of competent financial behavior to different categories of people - students, pupils, secondary school teachers, businessmen. To this end the project envisages to organize and conduct various educational and promotional activities. For information and communication support of the project and ensuring an efficient feedback it is planned to set up a call-center and a web-site of the European studies of financial education with all the necessary teaching, information and practical materials.The expected results of the project include the collaboration of all educational institutions, coordination of the activity of scientists and educators to promote in the society the idea of financial literacy and improvement of financial awareness. In its turn, the development and improvement of financial