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Поглиблена та всеоохорлююча угода про торгівлю з ЄС : плючи та мінуси для українскього суспільства

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2015-2018 EU Grant: 26880,00 € Регіон: Kyiv Region Місто: Kyiv Координатор: Київський національний торговельно‐економічний університет Контакти: Ganna Duginets
Тел.: +380445136345
Email: a.duginets@yandex.ru

DCFTA is part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and is one of the most ambitious two-way agreements ever made by the EU. DCFTA provides Ukraine the opportunities to modernize its trade relations and to develop economically. Means to that are opening markets through gradually canceling customs tariffs, providing toll-free access in terms of quotas, as well as extensive harmonization of Ukrainian laws, norms and standards with the ones being implemented in different areas concerning trade directly or indirectly in the EU. This will create the conditions for harmonizing standards of Ukraine and the EU in key areas. Taking that into consideration, implementing the module will:- promote research and information-spreading work on the subject of the EU’s functioning and its relations with Ukraine among young scientists and researchers of the KNTEU;- promote publicizing and spreading the results of scientific research in specialized and international publications on the subject of the module;- promote the development of example cases on matters concerning DCFTA, which are of importance to the KNTEU graduates in their professional lives.Goals of the module- gathering and systematization of information on the main aspects of DCFTA, and also on the measures taken to promote democracy, protect human rights and increase standards of living in the context of its realization;- increasing the population’s awareness about integration processes, especially about DCFTA through lectures and seminars for “unprepared” listeners, namely students and teachers at KNTEU and other education institutions of Ukraine, teachers and students of senior classes of general and specialized schools, colleges, etc.;- promoting scientifically-theoretical and public discussions on the subject of legal connections in the area of selling goods and services, which are provided for by the DCFTA, through organizing scientific, practical conferences, public discussions