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Запровадження стратегії екологічної безпеки: інтеграція європейського досвіду

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2015-2018 EU Grant: 20160,00 € Регіон: Sumy Region Місто: Kyiv Координатор: Глухівський національний педагогічний університет імені Олександра Довженка Контакти: Olena Melnyk
Тел.: +38050 132 74 06
Email: ger.cog@mail.ru

The project relevance is due to the need of forming students and other interested persons European environmental competence level. The project will give the opportunity for the target group to assimilate complete knowledge on global environmental security, become active participants in the discussion and studying the international policies in this field that will contribute to forming population ecological culture and to promote the EU countries experience in developing and implementing environmental safety.The project will include the following activities:- 40 in-class hours specialized course per the academic year, which will be taught at two faculties;- the project team internship in Poland for in-service participants training and gaining European experience;- publishing the teaching and research activities results as the project part in academic and public media;- publishing the manual and books for reading for junior pupils on European integration issues;- events involving students, teachers-practitioners, environmental organizations representatives, civil officials, which will give the opportunity to provide the participants public position and to form the installation to use the European countries experience;- conducting the international scientific-practical conference for discussing actual environmental security issues and sustainable development, exchanging the experience and scientific developments, searching the new approaches and ways for implementing European experience in education and science of Ukraine.The project will provide the scientific and methodical achievements and ecological knowledge distribution among a wide range of the population, the EU experience popularization in the environmental security field, will increase the amount of environmental information and environmental-directed information, will initiate the creating the regional environmental education centers network on the educational institutions basis.