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Економіка європейської інтеграції: внутрішні виклики та зовнішній вимір

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2016-2019 EU Grant: 26208,00 € Регіон: Lviv Region Місто: Lviv Контакти: Vasyl Zelenko
(032) 251-23-83

ObjectiveDevelop and introduce the MA course “Economic in European Integration: Internal Challenges and External Dimensions” at the Faculty of Financial Management and Business (FFMB) of Ivan Franko National University in Lviv (IFNUL) supplemented by a set of dissemination activities for the economically active environment in Ukraine.Project tasks:• Launch a course on economic aspects of European integration for approximately 40 MA students enrolled annually who specialize in International Economics and Finance in Ukraine in accordance with best European practices;• Develop teaching materials for the course;• Publish 4 peer-reviewed articles;• Conduct research on the following topics:a) Comparative analysis of social insurance systems in the EU and their impact on the social welfare concepts;b) Pension reform in Ukraine in the context of the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement;c) Financial markets.• Hold 2 roundtables;• Hold 3 scientific disputes;• Invite professionals for public lectures;• Participate in teacher-educational program (internship) at partner institutions in the EU;• Publish a handbook;• Hold a thematic conference.Project target groups:• MA students at the Faculty of Financial Management and Business (FFMB) in IFNUL;• PhD students in the fields of Economics, International Finance and International Economics;• Teaching staff of the FFMB in IFNUL;Project beneficiaries:• Representatives of government, businesses and NGOs.• Young professionals in the field of Economics, representatives of business sector, public authorities dealing with economic aspects of European integration and NGOs.Project results:• New training course;• Published handbook;• 2 roundtables for the representatives of public and private sector• 3 student disputes on the following topics:• Internship at the Department of European Integration and International Marketing in Lodz Polytechnic (Poland);• 6 public lectures;• Closing conference