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Посилення візуалізації у процесах викладання та дослідження європейської інтеграції

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: Associations Type (HEI/ Other): Other Project period 2016-2019 EU Grant: 37100,00 € Регіон: Kyiv Region Місто: Kyiv Контакти: Alexander Dashutin
Cell phone: +38 (050) 620 8193

The idea of the project it to enhance visibility of European Integration teaching and research in Ukraine by spreading the best practices and accumulating the academia experience for addressing policy-makers and stimulating wider public discourse and active citizenship. The project will focus on the main objectives:• to construct the platform for uniting national intellectual resources on European integration • to provide a national vehicle for promoting a better understanding of the European integration• to develop a policy advice capacity on EU an European integration for government and private sector organizations;• to serve as a national hub of Academic Excellence and Expertise on European integration studies• to increase the quality of education in European Integration Studies highlighting their different areas• to develop a national network of EU and EIS expertise that can be accessed by the wider academia, government, media and public• to expand people-to-people links and exchanges for academics, students and practitioners• to build networks and cooperation between scholars and researchers in Ukraine and beyond dealing with EISThe principal outcomes that are expected:• academic network will be created that will trigger the progress of academic expertise in EI teaching and research • positive attitude towards European integration processes of Ukraine in general public will be nurtured• Ukrainian scholars on EU and European Integration will be visible for international community • public discourse on European Union and European integration will be intensified. By consolidating efforts of the academia and stakeholders the project will promote excellence in teaching and research in the EIS and by this will attract attention of the policy-makers, and will foster public discourse on European integration and active citizenship in Ukraine.