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Європейські цінності в мистецтві літератури

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2018-2021 EU Grant: 29400,00 € Регіон: Zhaporizhzhya Region Місто: Zhaporizhzhya Координатор: Запорізький національний університет Контакти: Stanislav Cherkasov

The project’s relevance is determined by the complex process of integrating Ukrainian society into European axiological framework, which is one of strategic aims of national educational reform in the field of teachers’ training and curricula modernization. Located in the epicenter of axiological conflict, Zaporizhzhya National University has set its goal to bring up a new generation of teachers sharing European values and capable of disseminating them. The project’s acronym EUVOLIA (European Values in Literary Arts) symbolically reflects the project’s objective to restore the balance between humanitarian and non-humanitarian components of teachers’ training. Appealing to literature as a powerful means of European identity construction, a course entitled “European Values in Fiction” would be designed to secure Education majors’ integration into pan-European axiological context. The primary results of the project comprise: implementation of the course “European Values in Fiction”; publication of related research results and didactic materials; establishment of a platform for productive discussion between academia, professional community and civil society (round table debates, final conference); establishment of an annual seminar for secondary school teachers focused on European identity construction strategies and methodological aspects of integrating European values component into “traditional” curriculum; development of recommendations for the Ministry of Education and Science with regard to teachers’ training and curricula modernization.