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Посилення студій та досліджень Європейського Союзу зі смарт, стійкого та інклюзивного зростання в українських університетах

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: Associations Type (HEI/ Other): Other Project period 2019-2022 EU Grant: 50000,00 € Регіон: Kyiv Region Місто: Kyiv Контакти: Igor Yakymenko

Invaluable experience of the EU in sustainable development is crucially important for Ukraine, which is going through a challenging period of socioeconomic transformations. And Ukrainian universities may play a significant role in effective transformation of society due to education of a new generation of professionals and to effective interaction with policy makers and civil servants. To support this approach, NGO EuroStudies Platform was conceived by voluntary professors and researchers from leading Ukrainian universities as nationwide Association of professors and researchers specialized in European Studies on sustainability.The main activities of the Association in term of the project proposed will be:- organization of annual board meeting and annual Open Seminar of the Association; - coordination curricula and research on EU sustainable development in Ukrainian universities;- organization of annual Jean Monnet Winter School on EU sustainability for young university teachers and researchers, and roundtable debate with Ukrainian policy makers and civil servants;- organization of annual International Conference on European Sustainability;- publication of annual Academic Papers of the Association and starting peer-reviewed academic journal European Sustainability;- organization of English speaking Discussion Club on European Sustainability;- develop and maintain an effective website and publication Digest of the Association.The main outcomes of the project will be:- involving a broad spectrum of Ukrainian professors and researchers into EU studies on sustainability;- supporting and coordinating curricula and research agendas on EU sustainability in Ukrainian universities;- promotion of EU approaches in sustainability among Ukrainian policy makers, civil servants, organized civil society, and the general public;- presentation of EU progress in sustainability in academic publications and scientific reports;- online promotion of EU sustainability.